Mental Health Movies : When Bollywood highlighted Mental Issues

when bollywood highlights the mental issues

In our country, so many people have a dream of making their place in Bollywood. In every other house, we find one person who is highly obsessed with Bollywood. But here, We are not going to talk about how to make your identity in Bollywood. Instead, we will talk about how some movies speak about the mental issues and the stigma attached to them and send a constructive piece of information to society. Mental issues are something that is considered pointless in our community. When people talk over mental health issues and problems that may arise due to psychological disorders can lead to a difference of opinion. For a desi family going to a therapist, talking therapies is considered an embarrassment. Subsequently, there is no conferring about mental disorders like PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression, BPD( borderline personality disorder).

5 Mental Health Movies

Wherefore, Bollywood has come up with fabulous and apprise movies that made a difference in society. So here are some phenomenal Films that give out sensitive issues like mental health and the stigma attached to it.


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The movie revolves around borderline personality disorder. Ved an outrageous, wonderous, and full of life but, as soon as his father pressurizes him to be an engineer, get a good job, this all changes him. His Feeling of worthlessness, his insecurities change his all-over personality and his emotional instability. Ved passion was storytelling which he wasn’t able to do because of parental pressure. Things get worse when he suffers from BPD. That very moment, his girlfriend tried to bring to lights his life. When finally he discovers himself, things were turning in his favour.

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Dear Zindagi

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The dear Zindagi is something that many Desi parents opposed. The movie circumscribed PTSD and anxiety disorder. It deals with professional therapies, where a young, independent, and talented girl named Kiara suffers from a mental issue. The character mainly deals with anxiety and, she can’t sleep most nights which eventually affects her relationships. Her childhood trauma leads to bad relationships with his family members, her fear of separation starts striking on her life. Afterwards, she accidentally meets a psychologist and starts seeing him, which helps her fix his relationships with family and her perspective about love.

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Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik
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The movie speaks about an introverted, less confident person named Kartik with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. He blames himself for his brother’s death, but his delusion makes sense when he feels someone named Karthik calls him and tells him his next move which, was good for him, Because that makes him more confident than before. The movie throws light on these mental issues.

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Anjana Anjaani

Anjana Anjaani
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The movie deals with suicidal tendencies and depression. A bankrupt young boy and a girl met when both were trying to commit suicide but ended up being the better half of each other.

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An actress suffers from bipolar disorder and depression When she falls in love with a leading actor, Aryan. Aryan was going through a divorce while dating the leading actress. But after realizing her importance in his life actress faces depression and a downfall in her successful career.

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