About Us

FILMEE KEEDA - Sounds More Or Less Cliche, Right?

But hey, aren’t we all? Remember the time when you wanted something from your parent as a child, you had to put up a whole new drama to get it. Alas! That didn’t work always but we all have been there and done that. Back in the 90s when we used to gather and watch a movie as one big Indian family, content sources was pretty limited but today, it is reaching in ways we can’t think of. So, what is the need for another website? Well, truth to be told, many of these online sources have altered the reality and degraded the quality of content used by us. That’s what we want to prevent. Unlike others who are already filling the internet with anything just to grab eyeballs, we are happy to serve less but quality.

What is quality?

This is very subjective and an unwinnable war but here’s an example from movies which will help you understand our point of view. Imagine a hostile situation where the lead actor has to defuse a bomb. He is able to do so –

– by using techniques that are acceptable and match with a similar scenario in real life, or

– by simply cutting the wires because it was RED and it is a color that signifies “danger.”

Now, depending on the option that will choose here, you will be able to figure out the type of content you have been consuming so far.

Who are we?

It doesn’t matter who we are but the people who are consuming the content provided by us. So, maybe if none of your dreams have come true or you might have fought with your partner, left the job, probably kicked out like us but there is only one thing that matters – the content that you consume. Think about it! In a world which has billions of mobile users, content is everything that changes what you think, you believe in and you do. Governments are pulled down, people are manipulated – all because of CONTENT – This is one thing we want to be safe.

Read right, be safe!

Also, just saying!