4 Best Streaming Services for Your Kids

Streaming Services for Kids
Streaming Services for Kids

As parents, we want to make sure that we expose our children to the right content and that the choices we make have the best impact on their development. However, the ways our kids consume media and the types of content they’re offered are constantly changing, which leaves us with more challenges to handle. Here is a guide to help you choose the best streaming service for kids your families’ needs and preferences.

4 Best Streaming Services For Kids


If the whole streaming service game tends to be just too much for you and you don’t want to bother with pros and cons lists for different services, you can’t go wrong with Netflix. It has a fantastic catalog for children with a wide variety of shows and movies to watch. But, it’s not a secret that some countries have a better Netflix catalog than others. Therefore, if you want to access Netflix without any limitations, consider using a VPN for Netflix. A VPN service will replace your actual IP address with a virtual one from the country whose Netflix catalog you want to access. 

One of the most significant advantages that Netflix offers is impeccable parental control, allowing you to restrict content regarding your child’s age. This way, you can set up different restrictions for your four-year-old and your ten-year-old. Content that has a higher maturity level can be accessed only after entering the PIN. Also, you can select particular shows you don’t want your kids to watch and secure them with a PIN. 

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One of the features that most parents aren’t happy about is that the content catalog doesn’t have any warning cards, meaning that you’ll have to check the content your children are watching because some inappropriate content may slip under the maturity restriction radar. 

With Netflix, your kids can enjoy animated classics like My Neighbour Totoro or learn about the fantastic world around them with The Magic School Bus. In addition, teens can choose a show more appropriate for their age, like Stranger Things – a huge hit created especially for Netflix. 


There’s nothing better than enjoying an animated movie with your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Choose between classics like The Addams Family or Free Willy or something more recent like Abominable. In addition, Hulu offers various sitcoms, shows, and movies for kids of all ages. If you want the best from on-demand and live TV services, you can choose Hulu + Live TV option. It’s a little pricey, but it can be a great option if you need a service for the whole family. 

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Furthermore, like most streaming services, Hulu has parental control as well. You can create individual profiles for your kids, and it’ll automatically restrict access to any content marked as inappropriate for children under 13. Also, profiles will automatically sync up, meaning that they’ll cover all your devices in one swing. One of Hulu’s most significant downsides is price. It can be pretty expensive, especially if you choose the version with Live TV. Go thoroughly through their plans and see if it’s worth it for your needs.

Sling TV 

Sling TV has a pretty good selection of kids’ channels. They have two plans to choose from – Orange and Blue. While the Orange has only one stream available, with Blue, three persons can enjoy their favorite shows simultaneously. Also, Orange and Blue have slightly different content catalogs, and they vary in price. If the option you choose still doesn’t have those few programs your kid’s love, you can always select a Kids Extra ad-on.

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The biggest pro for choosing Sling TV is a great channel selection for a reasonably low price. Also, they have an excellent parental control setting to keep inappropriate content from the sight of little eyes. On the other hand, before opting in for Sling, make sure your internet service is on the spot because otherwise, you may have some laggings issues. All kids can find something they like on Sling TV, regardless of their age and entertainment preferences. From Peppa Pig for little ones to teenage musical drama Glee, Sling TV, there is a lot to choose from. 

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the way to go for those who don’t need a whole family streaming package. Instead, it’s a platform designed especially for kids with plenty of shows and movies to catch up on. Along with all Disney classics like the princess line, animated movie fans can choose between Disney and Pixar productions, and if you want to train your little Jedi properly, dive into the Star Wars saga. 

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When it comes to price, Disney Plus is an excellent value for money. For a few dollars a month, you can enjoy endless hours of high-quality content for kids of all ages. Also, they have the possibility of setting separate profiles so you won’t have to police their arguments over what to watch next. The downside may be a not-so-great parental control setting as you would want, but on the other hand, there is not much explicit content to worry about after all.

3 extra tips for the best streaming experience

We came up with a few extra tips you can follow to get the best from your streaming service. 

  1. If your internet connection starts lagging, consider switching to an ethernet cable – it can make all the difference!
  2. If you want to access better catalogs and have more to choose from, a VPN service is a great idea. Since VPNs encrypt all the data in traffic, you’ll have an added layer of protection as well.
  3. If you still don’t want to give up your WiFi, make sure to move your router closer to your device – a WiFi signal can sometimes struggle with thick walls.

Streaming services are highly competitive, and they’re upgrading their game every day. So list your pros and cons, choose what suits your family best, and enjoy!

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