10 Best Movies to watch on Netflix Now

Movies to watch on Netflix
Movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix has been releasing original movies on their service and a rapid pace over the last few years, it’s almost hard to believe that there are now more than 100 original films available on the streaming service. With so many movies to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to watch so we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 original movies you can watch right now on Netflix.

This list will provide you with the good Netflix movies to watch on Netflix now. As usual, instead of using the scores from pretentious movie critics I will count them down in order based on which movies we enjoy the best let’s get started. Here’s the list of must watch movies on Netflix.

Movies to watch on Netflix

Gerald’s game

Gerald's game
Source- everythingmoviereviews.com

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Released in 2017 the psychological thriller based on the Stephen King novel of the same name is about a couple named Gerald and Jesse that retreat to a secluded cabin to jumpstart their marriage. It is definitely the must watch movies on Netflix. When Gerald handcuffs Jessie to the bed, he promptly dies from a heart attack she is then trapped in a difficult situation where she must overcome many obstacles including her own personal demons.

The director Mike Flanagan does an effective job of taking a simple concept to make a tense and thrilling film. Gerald’s game is one of the good movies to watch on Netflix.

I don’t feel at home in this world anymore

I don't feel at home in this world anymore
Source – Gina Maya

Released in 2017 the story is about a timid nurse played by Melanie Lynskey who has had enough after coming home to find out her home has been robbed she joins forces with her neighbor played by Elijah Wood to hunt down the local burglar.

While seeking their vigilante justice they find themselves deep in a world they know very little about. At its core, this is a movie that examines the general struggles of life in a darkly funny and entertaining way.


Source – Netflix

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Bright is no doubt the best movies to watch on Netflix, starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayer who also directed Suicide Squad. Set in an alternate world this 2017 fantasy crime thriller is about a Los Angeles police officer who teams up with a rookie cop in a world of both humans and mythical creatures.

Despite receiving negative reviews from critics it has become popular with viewers becoming one of the most streamed programs ever on Netflix and reportedly a sequel is being developed. Regardless of what you’ve heard about bright, it’s worth watching and one of the Best Original Movies on Netflix. In fact, the movie critics couldn’t be more divided with the general public on this one.

On Rotten Tomatoes only 26 percent of the critics gave it a positive review while users average 84 percent like it. I don’t know about you but I tend to side with the general audience when compared with stuffy uptight movie critics that think they know more than anyone else. It’s not like critiquing movies is exactly rocket.

The Meyerowitz Stories

the meyerowitz stories
Source – Netflix

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Released in 2017 this comedy-drama film stars Adam Sandler Ben Stiller Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. The story revolves around three siblings along with their interactions with their aging egotistical father.

If you normally don’t enjoy movies involving Adam Sandler this film just may be the exception. The Meyerowitz Stories is one of the best among the list of good Netflix movies to watch on Netflix now.

They killed my father

They killed my father
Source – Medium

This 2017 biographical historical thriller, rated high among the must watch movies on Netflix, is directed by Angelina Jolie is about a human rights activist and her attempts to survive during the genocides in Cambodia in the 1970s. The story is told from the perspective of a seven-year-old girl as she is forced to be trained as a soldier while her siblings are sent to labor camps.

The fundamentals of caring

The fundamentals of caring
Source – Netflix

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Released in 2016 this comedy-drama, one of the good movies to watch on Netflix, stars Paul Rudd as a retired writer who becomes the caretaker of a sarcastic wheelchair-bound eighteen-year-old boy played perfectly by Craig Roberts. Together they set out on a cross-country road trip to see famous roadside attractions and to meet the boy’s father. So if you’re the mood for our heartwarming road trip flick this just may be the film for you.


Source – Berfrois

This action-adventure film released in 2017 is among the best movies to watch on Netflix. It is about a young girl who cares for a large creature known as the super pig in the mountains of South Korea.

When a major corporation ends up taking up a judge to the United States, the young girl sets out on a mission to rescue the pot-bellied creature. The directing, acting and cinematography are all top-notch just don’t blame me if after watching this film you decide to become a vegetarian.


Source – Amerikahaus München

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This 2017 drama, a top-rated among the must watch movies on Netflix, takes place in the racially divided state of Mississippi just after world war two. The film depicts two veterans one black and one white that forge a friendship while dealing with racism and PTSD in their own way. The story showcases the brutal realities of the era in which they live.

The Little Prince

The little prince
Source – IndieWire

This animated fantasy film was released on Netflix here in the United States as an original film in 2016. If you’d live outside the US this movie may not be available in your region. The story is about an aging pilot who crashed lands in the Sahara Desert and encounters a mysterious boy who claims to be an extraterrestrial Prince.

This just may be one of the best animated films to be released in years. The cast of voice actors is impressive including Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams,  Paul Rudd, Benicio del Toro, James Franco, Paul Giamatti, and many others. The little prince is one of those rare films the entire family can enjoy.

Beasts of no nation

Beasts of no nation
Source – Netflix

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It is still the best movies to watch on Netflix. It also happens to be one of their first original films. this 2015 war drama starring interest Elba takes place of West Africa. It’s about a young boy that is recruited to become a child soldier during an African civil war after the death of his father. Elba who plays a sadistic commander teaches the boy to become a Brutus killing machine. Everything about this movie is great.

It’s well-directed the acting is top-notch and the cinematography is fantastic. When Netflix released beasts of no nation hopes were that the streaming service would be releasing more high-quality films like this in the future but sadly this film is ended up being the exception and the norm.

If you are a true movie lover, you won’t miss these good Netflix movies to watch on Netflix now.

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