10 Movies Worth Watching From The 21st Century

Movies Worth Watching
Movies Worth Watching

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Looking for movies worth watching? What a lot of films are amazing, that doesn’t mean you want to watch them over and over again I mean “12 years a slave” is incredible but it’s so intense and exhausting I doubt anyone is running back to get another viewing that’s not what it’s designed for though either.

Amongst the many movies that come out each year, there are some that are designed to be an absolute joy to watch over and over again like an action film where things just blow up constantly or a comedy that gets funny and repeats viewings the question then is what are the most rewatchable ones.

10 Most Rewatchable Movies

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
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Regardless of what you think about Tom Cruise when it comes to his movies man they are a lot of fun especially is Mission Impossible Runner films designed to be ridiculous from start to finish. This is certainly one of those movies worth watching. Mission Impossible Force whole plot is that a maniac wants to nuke the earth into dust while the good guys constantly changed their faces with masks.

So that’s what makes it so good ghost Protocol embraces the idea of the absurd and then uses that foundation to work in some tremendous set pieces including crews climbing around on one of the tallest buildings in the world, if nothing else it’s just really fun and the story unlike some of the previous entries is kept simple that you can just sit back relax stuff popcorn into your mouth and be entertained.


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While memento is worth a second viewing, going through it multiple times is probably more of a mass as opposed to a want dying at the end and then running back to the start. The film begins with letters played by Guy Pearce killing is a partner in crime then you slowly start to understand why you did it’s extremely confusing which is the point and the slow reveal the foe thrilling and satisfying that you need to go through again to make sure you understood exactly what it was trying to tell you.

If nothing else Chris Nolan’s epic only really makes sense after you’re on go-around number three and each watch gives you a newfound respect for what you see it’s a classic and a masterpiece. It is just another reason to embrace it in this special.


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There was always going to be one Bond film which can be regarded as the “movies worth watching.” It certainly will make it to this list and given that die another day in Quantum of Solace are well rubbish and Casino Royale is kind of an origins movie we’re gonna put it all on Skyfall that is better inspector which sucks. Directed by Sam Mendes doing a very good job of spanning on its own two feet opposed to most Bond movies which feel the need to live up to certain expectations.

Skyfall has humor action or well the over-the-top villain and Daniel Craig doesn’t seem like he wants to stab himself in the eye because he’s playing James Bond. Skyfall is also a treat to watch because it looks so good and has a decent script that takes you on quite the ride you can easily watch this more than once and still get a kick out of it which is a lot more that can be said for some Bond films. Hence, making to the list of movies worth watching.

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21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street
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21 Jump Street was and is a surprise on the paper you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s awful when you actually sit down and watch it it’s genuinely hilarious with gags being thrown at your face constantly. It also shows a whole new and better sights the Channing Tatum playing an undercover cop that’s partnered with the new recruit Jonah Hill to Buster high school drugs ring is their feeling throughout the movie but because of no one is expecting anything from it. Everyone involved was able to just have fun with the whole thing and that’s obvious almost from the beginning. It also gets funnier every time you watch it, make sure you do that.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
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Is the Dark Knight one of the best films of all time? Yes, yes it is that we put that a bit feeling like Batman spilled out of the pages of a comic book and just existed in the real world Nolan’s second Batman movie takes obvious inspiration from crime epics such as heat which makes Incredible and of course rounders in reality.

Then there’s Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker which remains one of the best the 21st century even at 152 minutes it feels blisteringly fast and offers up bank heist car chases, truck flips, explosions and naturally Batman and everything is better with Batman. Dark Knight is, therefore, one of the best movies worth watching.

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Very similar to 21 Jump street, there’s so much to love about super bad that it’s easy to watch it over and over again. There Seth Rogen’s and Bill Hader’s immature cocks loads of penis jokes. McLovin it’s also a wonderful window into most of our own stupid coming-of-age tales. Painting a believable representation of school life, booze and sex. 

A large reason for this is that writers Rogen and his co-writer Evan Goldberg wrote it when they were still teenagers and why the dialogue seems so accurate because it is better than this however is the fact there’s a heart to the movie which means you can warm to it as well as chuckle away. And those two attributes are nothing but pure power. Take our advice and don’t miss this one as it one of the movies worth watching.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
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A romance movie that is not a romance movie Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind is funny, scary, relatable and we just established nothing like the expected romance movie. There’s no boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy loses girl, boy gets the girl back nonsense. On top of this is a deliberate attempt to include dream imagery into proceedings that try to convey the idea of one man being wiped of his memories related to the love of his life.

It also features a tremendous performance by Jim Carrey and its equally as good one from Kate Winslet. Plus it’s utterly original so when you’re done watching, it is a good chance you want to go round again at some point probably at least one thing you like about it.

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Kill Bill Vol 1

Kill Bill Vol 1
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Quentin Tarantino’s big focus seems to be making films that are stupidly entertaining. That’s the case of Kill Bill Vol 1, 2 pushing together, Western samurai movies anime and a big dose of black comedy. This is the movie where Tarantino throws it all to the wind and where to the inspirations on his sleeve.

It’s out there for all to see as such is quite the treat especially given how well the director deals with filming action – he goes absolutely nuts here holding nothing back and the violence is so violent it almost becomes comical or horrific depending on your disposition. The choreography alone is worth dipping your toe in return for everything else. If you haven’t seen this one, you will know how do movies worth watching look like. 



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There are so many jokes in anchorman good jokes at that that you’ll never pick up on them on one go-around it’s literally impossible. Moving from cult comedy to now a legendary movie, it’s one of the most quoted films ever and genuinely is a cultural phenomenon. It’s just seemed to grow and grow ever since it was first released.

There are so many skips here be impossible to go over all of them and given that a lot was improvised 2 is even more to love. Your best bet is to watch it, enjoy it, go to bed, wake up, watch it again and then repeat that for a while. You’ll always be entertained this could very well be Will Ferrell’s finest hour.

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Chris Nolan’s second entry on this list and proof the director is one of a kind constantly toying with the idea of a Hollywood blockbuster. He got a super big break with inception where he was given 160 million dollars to make the movie. original ambitious and smart it’s one of the best big films of modern times and the plot is so crazy and all over the place, you cannot possibly understand it all in round one, especially as it raises question after question that can only be tackled if you got through it again after knowing what happens.

Better still it makes you think about each of its different concepts from death to love to dreams to reality to inspiration. It’s certainly not for everyone but even then inception will slowly tempt you back in for a second viewing you just need to know the point is you never really. A classic of all the movies worth watching, this stands at the top. Have you seen it yet?

Know of any other movies from the 21st century that we need to watch again, let us know in the comments below.

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