While America Waits For Election 2020 Result, Here’s A Rundown of Top 5 US President Movies

US President Movies
US President Movies

The presidential election in the United States is a hot topic right now. Either Donald Trump will be reelected, or Joe Biden will become the president. Political issues are well embarked upon by the presidents as well as Hollywood. Below mentioned is the list of top five US president movies that are based on American presidents.

Top 5 US President Movies


Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis is a biographical historical drama featured on Abraham Lincoln is the best movie on the American president. The role portrayed by Lewis is unexceptionally appeasing, and it almost looks accessible to the eyes. The protagonist has carried the character with the utmost confidence. The film not just focuses on the copious accomplishment achieved by Lincoln but also channelizes humanity. He was a significant figure but also a learning human trying to make things right.

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Nixon is a presidential movie of one of the most divisive US presidents- Richard Nixon. Scandals and mayhems blemished Nixon’s career. The Nixon movie stars Anthony Hopkins and is directed by olive stone. Hopkins, rendering the leading role, has no resemblance to Nixon. Still, the personality revealed by him is very well written, inconsistent, and, at the wrong time, undeniable and persuasive as well. The film depicts Nixon as a more diverse figure than divergent to his negative image in everyone’s eyes.

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Under Oliver Stone’s direction, W ranks in one of the top five US presidents movies. W is about George W Bush’s life and his political career throughout his life. Bush is proven to be the one who led the US to a grievous war against Iraq based on the affirmation that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. The apparent reason was not only unconvincing but irrelevant and never to be found. W, the movie does not hold back in humanizing the lead role, but it does not accept the unsurpassed deeds of Bush and focuses on contextualizing Bush’s proceedings.

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The butler is a one in all US president movies, perfectly depicting the American president. Lee Daniel directs it, portraying a story by the eyes of a white house servant- Forest Whitaker Cecil Gaines. The lead has served the white house for decades and has been pragmatic about the arrival and departure of the eight US presidents from Eisenhower to Obama. The movie is all about detailing and giving a picture of all the US presidents.

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Lyndon B Johnson is played by Woody Harelson who has done a few comic roles in the past. It is difficult for the audience to adjust to this unexpected and abrupt alteration, but as it settles in once, the actor’s performance is highly appreciated though unrecognizable. The actor successfully portrays the role of Lyndon. The accident president assumes office after John F Kennedy was killed in cold blood. 

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