10 Iconic Korean Action Movies – The Exciting world of Korean Cinema

Korean Action movies
Korean Action movies

The Korean Cinema is well known for its slice of life, realistic, drama, and connotative movies. Still, it hasn’t gained popularity. Even after having a wonderful and awesome genre of thriller and mind-bending Korean Action movies, which leaves the viewer in awe and wonder. Action and thrill had been synonymous with Hollywood for quite some time but the wonderful world of K-thrillers is left behind like a diamond deep in a trench, unknown and undiscovered. Read on for 10 must-watch K-thrillers and action movies, which has blown the minds off of even the harshest critics.

10 Iconic Korean Action movies

Oldboy (2003)

A man! A kidnapper! 15 years of captivity and brimming thirst for revenge. This is the basic plot of Oldboy, the neo-noir movie based on a popular manga series of the same name. Directed by Park Chan Wook, Oldboy is known for its cinematography, intense storyline, edits, and suspenseful background music. This Korean Action movie has gained the movie a cult status among the viewers.

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I saw the Devil (2010)

Stories of revenge and murder are nothing new. But to what extent? Directed by Kim Jee Woon, I saw the Devil is a black horror-thriller that inspired the Bollywood movie Ek Villain. Violent and of fantasy, this Korean Action movie has the gore and suspense, which surpasses Hollywood blockbusters and thrillers.

The man from nowhere (2010)

Most thrillers carry on with a not-so-heart-touching storyline. Still, The man from Nowhere is packed with a touching, emotional story where an agent gets in to save an innocent girl from the horrors in a drug ring.

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The suspect 2013)

It’s all inside the glasses of a dead man. The secrets behind a bloody vendetta are all in front of him, waiting to be unlocked like a puzzle. Directed by Won Shin-Yun, The Suspect closely follows the events which happen in the life of an agent where he is on the run to avenge his family’s murder and is a tale of “nail gritting suspense.”

Confession of a murder (2012)

One killer publishes a document of his crimes. Another is on a killing spree. Confession of a murder is a new storyline amongst a multitude of movies with similar plots. Directed by Jung Byung gill, this Korean Action movie was a box office hit.

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Nameless Gangster: Rules of the time (2012)

What can happen when the government declares war on the underground drug lords? Rules of the Time focuses on this turn of events, pushing the viewer into a rollercoaster of thrilling experiences.

The Chaser (2008)

A killer sets out to chase the sex workers in a city, and a police officer chases him. The Chaser, directed by Na Hong-jin, was inspired by real-life incidents in Korea. Catapulted to the top, this Korean Action movie is probably the most-watched.

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Memories of Murder (2003)

Loosely based on the very first of South Korea’s serial murders, Memories of Murder is violent, dark, captivating, and thrilling all at once, as one detective help 2 others investigate the serial killer.

The Gangster, The cop, The Devil (2009)

The name suggests a gangster teaming up with a cop to find out about a killer who attacked him. But you will soon find them fighting with their own peers.

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The Outlaws (2017)

When all the other Korean Action movies dealt with interpersonal issues, The Outlaws focusses on 2 rival groups, which hail from Seoul and China.

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