Top 10 Things to Know About Spider Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The MCU is a big universe so it pays to do your homework before heading to the theater. Today we are counting down the to amazing facts that everyone should know before they watch Spider-Man: Far From Home. For this list, we’re looking at some of the most important factors and background info to keep in mind heading into this 2019 Spidey film. Please note we will be discussing the plot of Avengers endgame. So a major spoiler warning is now in effect. If you haven’t seen Avengers endgame yet stop watching because there are some serious spoilers about to come up.

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10 Facts About Spider Man Far From Home

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Avengers endgame felt like a conclusion. the film brought to a close a story long in the making and served as a send-off for a number of original Avengers. Be that as it may, Marvel’s phase 3 technically doesn’t end there but rather with spider-man far from home much like phase 2 ended not with age of Ultron but with ant-man. For fans who are still feeling emotional about Endgame, a European vacation with Peter and his pals seems like the perfect follow-up reminding us that even with Iron Man and Black Widow gone and cap out of the picture life goes on and the world still needs heroes.

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Fans went wild when Spiderman joined the MCU in time for Captain America Civil War but the news of Spidey being rebooted yet again so soon after the Amazing Spiderman had many people expressing concern that the character wasn’t being given enough downtime. Thankfully when Spiderman homecoming landed in theaters in 2017 all those fears were quickly alleviated. Filmmaker Jon Watts delivered a movie that was equal parts superhero flick and high school comedy the influence of John Hughes being especially apparent.  Given the success of the film, it was music to the ears of fans that not only would John watts be returning but also two of the screenwriters from homecoming Chris McKenna and Eric Summers.

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Out of context, the title spider-man homecoming might seem like a bit of an odd choice but since the character was finally joining the MCU it felt very appropriate in the sense that Spidey was coming home to join his peers. Of course the plot of the film also very much centered around the homecoming dance at Midtown high. For the sequel far from home Watson company is continuing with this thematic titling strategy. In the literal sense, the film will see Parker and his friends traveling abroad. But there’s also a more symbolic meaning to the title as well though we don’t want to spoil anything so you’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves in theatres. The next fact about Spider-Man: Far From Home is the most-awaited.

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So with the vulture seemingly locked up and Thanos well and truly having been defeated an end game which villain despite he gets a tangle with next. Well far from home actually has a number of familiar faces show up but as far as the trailers would have you believe Peter is being tasked with stopping the elementals. If the name doesn’t ring a bell don’t worry you’re not alone. These elements themed characters are a rather obscure group that debuted in 1974s supernatural thrillers number 8 and like their comic-book counterparts, these powerful beings are introduced as extra-dimensional beings and far from home. As they appear in the film however their design has clearly incorporated elements of more popular Spidey rogues like Sandman, Hydro-man and molten man.

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It’s been a couple of years since Tom Hollands spider-man made his solo debut in 2017 and a whole lot has happened since then. The kid went into outer space and was also a victim of the snap so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some of the finer points of homecoming. in the film not only Peters best friend Ned discover a secret identity but at the end of the film in a scene that surprised many fans so did his Aunt May. This happened right before the credits roll so we never got to see that conversation play out but based on the trailers from Spider-Man: Far From Home, she seems supportive and actively involved in Peters crime-fighting career as is happy Hogan.

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Nothing will ever be the same after the events of infinity war and endgame not for fans of the MCU or the characters who inhabited. Tony Stark bravely gave His life to save not only the earth but the entire universe from Thanos. As one of the world’s greatest heroes he is sorely missed and for Peter to whom Tony was a mentor and a surrogate father figure – that grief is particularly hard to live with everywhere he looks there are reminders of Iron Man. Not to mention the pressure to help fill the heroic void that Stark left behind. Based on the trailers the fallout of Iron Man’s death will very much color the film’s themes and overall character motivations.

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As previously mentioned Spider-Man: Far From Home is the last film of Phase three but it’s more than just an epilogue. If endgame bookends the first three phases of the MCU spider-man far from home is perhaps best described as a bridge between that volume of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its future. Considering Marvel has been rather tight-lipped about their slate of films moving forward we’ve also been led to believe that far from home may serve to help set up the direction of the MCU moving forward. Notably, it’s also the last Marvel film slated for release for quite some time with the next confirmed release date is May 1st, 2020. marking the longest gap between MCU films in years.

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As we learned an Avengers endgame at least as far as the MCU is concerned there’s no changing the past. And for those who disappeared when Thanos snapped his fingers at the end of infinity war that means there’s no getting that time back. For adults, this is confusing and painful but not insurmountable. For a teenager, however, a five-year difference fundamentally changes relationships. thankfully it seems as if all of Peters closest high-school friends also got snapped which means they aren’t suddenly five years older than him. Be that as it may, they all still have a fair amount of baggage from the experience and new relationships to form with their technically younger classmates.

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This master of illusion is one of spider-man’s oldest rogues. having debuted all the way back in the early 1960s. at least in the comics, Mysterio doesn’t have any powers instead he uses technology and his mastery over the art of Illusion. fans have long fantasized about seeing him on the big screen but given his costume design, there were concerns that he didn’t work in a live-action capacity but the creative team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home certainly proved the naysayers wrong. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio looks perfect in a bit of a curveball the character is introduced as a hero in the MCU but as fans of the character will tell you when Mysterio is involved things are rarely as they appear.

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Okay, this could be huge in the comics the reality inhabited by our heroes births 6-1-6 to be precise is just one of many parallel universes this is something that’s been touched on in the MCU both with the introduction of the quantum realm and the alternate timelines visited during the events of the Endgame. But in the trailer OF Spider-Man: Far From Home, they finally got explicit in talking about the multiverse with Quentin Beck allegedly coming from one such alternate reality. but like we said with Mysterio involved it’s best to question everything sadly there also doesn’t appear to be any connection to the Spider-verse either but hey anything is possible.

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