What Happened Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

Once Upon a time in Hollywood
Once Upon a time in Hollywood

Like a die-hard fan of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, I went ahead and watched his latest flick and boy was I mesmerized?

Well, this ain’t the only question that needs to be answered, however, while I was watching the movie and after I came out of the theater, there were few things that I wanted to know such as –

How satisfied I was after watching the movie?

Which role was extremely eye-soothing for me?

What was the most exciting thing about the movie?

 Sitting beside me were two young gentlemen who had a straight-forward opinion – Tarantino’s movies usually had a turning point during the climax. Well, I cannot provide any better testimony to this fact. However, what I can say is that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, this time, was not what I had personally expected.

Note – Those are the personal words of the writer which never intend to hurt any movie fanatic, fan in this case.

The movie had a good start for all that I can say. Everything was planted perfectly, each role was executed in the most honest manner, however, there were certain things in the movie that didn’t line up correctly. For instance –

The movie was a bit flat line until Brad Pitt got drunk.

The movie had Leonardo DiCaprio in the background at the time of climax. It would have been much better if he had jumped in during the fight that happened in the living room.

The character played by Brad was an all-time low until the climax happened.

Once Upon a time in Hollywood
Source – The New York Times

Also, what was the motive of his visit to that old blind man?

Do you want to know what happened once upon a time in Hollywood?

The movie, once upon a time in Hollywood, is more than that. If you are expecting some 80’s styled adventure or action, I would say that you should not watch this one. But then why should you watch it?

Watch once upon a time in Hollywood for Leonardo DiCaprio’s sequence that he plays in a scene placed in the shoot of the movie. For that one Oscar-winning scene, we once again fall in love with him but that’s just the tip of the iceberg until you reach the end aka the climax.

We don’t want to spoil the fun for you but yes, if you are willing to witness some part of yet another Pulp Fiction-kinda joy in 2019 then this is the movie you should watch.

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