Class of 83 Review: Miss This Class & Save Your Time!

Class of 83 Review
Class of 83 Review

Class of 83 Review

Cop drama and Bollywood have always run side by side with movies involving cop-gangster clashes coming on 71 mm every now and then. In the same league, there is a new edition – Class of 83 and is based on the book “The Class of 83.” The movie is about a police officer, Vijay Singh, who has become the victim of “punishment posting” where he was given the post of a dean of the police academy. In the whole process, he finds another way of taking out an infamous gangster – Kalsekar.

Now, this sounds interesting but when you watch the movie (if you), you will find that the entire story has been poorly executed. The direction can be blamed here because as far as the acting is considered, Bobby Deol and the other 5 lead actors (Hitsh Bhojraj, Sameer Paranjape, Ninad Mahajani, Prithvik Pratap, and Pramod Shukla) have done a pretty awesome job. Although, the expressions of Bobby Deol were almost the same throughout the whole movie. However, it isn’t a problem, considering the character.

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Why “Class of 83” failed to impress?

When a movie is made from the book, there are certain expectations, mainly visual-wise. The movie lacks the creative feeling. It is almost as if someone is reading the movie. Although there are a few scenes that tried to add the interest, they could not keep up in the second scene. Further, the movie talks about Kalsekar being the main gangster and when the villain appears finally, he fails to claim his presence. Its almost as if he wasn’t the main gangster.

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Class of 83 Review: Should you attend this class?

In our humble opinion, we suggest you miss this class and invest your time in something meaningful. Netflix is full of awesome content and if you have two hours of spare time, you should read about the 10 Best Movies to watch on Netflix first. Now coming back to the review of Class of 83, I literally expected more. Since this is the digital debut of Bobby Deol with the 80s setting, a new action was expected. At least, the suspense was first in the list of my expectations. However, with nothing in the name of suspense or thrill, this film dropped on the expectation parameter pretty badly. 

Was anything good in the “Class of 83”?

Yes, of course! The setting of the 80s was very well represented in the movie and the way Bobby looked in the movie, it seemed that the team has done some work on his character. So that’s there! The insight on what a police officer has to see and undergo while solving crimes was very intense, especially in that scene where Bobby Deol eats an apple with a dead body lying beside him. Dude! That was some meat, I tell you!

If we talk about the narration – yes, there are two people narrating the story – Sameer Paranjape aka Aslam Khan & Bobby Deol aka Vijay Singh. So, this should have been done by one person only. Further, more screen time should have been given to Bobby. Although Anup Soni who plays the role of a corrupt politician did a pretty good job. His bearded look said a lot. The end of the movie is okayish but it could have been better with a little more action added to it. 

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I understand that this wasn’t the usual action movie but then this is a movie we are talking about. So creative liberty should have been taken to make this flick which could have made this a bit more engaging.

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