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Ready Player one Movie review
Ready Player one Movie review

“The present is moving faster and the future is changing with its every new step”

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s latest creation, Ready Player is a new entry to the science fiction action genre. Released on 28th March 2018, this movie isn’t just a new dose of awesomeness but an amalgam of the perfect story-line, next-level VFX and an energetic ride of greatly enjoyable concept.

Right from its first scene which holds an exotic introduction to the future of the world, the movie has not just one but many awe-struck moments. As far as the creativity is concerned, the movie is a perfect blend of virtual reality and the real world.

Today, Holograms and VR’s are the trendiest pick-ups but in the coming time, they are going to be the lifestyle. Built on the same concept, Ready Player one if yet another marvel and a proof that legends still exists. Another amazing part of the movies is how it touches the baseline of reality even after talking in the virtual world. The movies just not take you on an action-packed ride but is IMAXed to the tiniest details of the characters in both, virtual and real world.

A classy popcorn “Ready Player One” ride –

Movies are good when you don’t skip a scene by hurrying at the popcorn counter of the movie or else you waste time at the counter if they failed to grab you by thoughts till the first-half ends. But none is the case with Ready Player One because this is the movie where you are the first at the popcorn counter, first to be back at your seat and the last to move out of the theaters. Yes, we bet that you will miss how tasty your cheesy popcorns are going to be but for the movie, you will wish why the hell did it end.

“Ready Player One”, a note of meaning & values –

The next right thing, we would like to appreciate is how the movie says it all, how it tells you the real value of life and its true color. Not breaking the ice for the spoiler alert, we would still love to point out many instances where the story tells us the importance of reality and how the world might adapt to the new innovations. Yet another right meaning shown in the movie is in regard to how you choose your friends and who you choose to stay friends. Also, for those million people who are always taken aback with games and their textures like us, this movie is going to put you in the racing car with buckled up seats.

What did audience say?

After we moved out of the theaters, everybody was a ready player one, two, three and so on. The movie stands to be the rightful heir of ratings and the fanboy, Onish Singh tagged along with us found this movie a totally new way of speaking to the audience. Overall, we are again delighted to spot such a good a movie and are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Hollywood movies of April 2018 to release soon so that we can fulfill your need of reviews right on time.

Personal Recommendation – Experience this Ride only in IMAX 3D!

Watch the Ready Player One official trailer here –


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