Deadpool 2 Trailer reveals the Task Force of swachh Bharat Abhiyan

#Deadpool2 in Telugu
#Deadpool2 in Telugu

The man on a killing spree, the Pool Bhai and the coolest Hollywood movie of all time is back. Recently, two trailers of Deadpool 2 were released in English and Hindi which created a huge mayhem as expected by everyone.

Th Hindi trailer of Deadpool 2 is an extreme case of hilariousness which is, of course, maintaining the tradition of the Deadpool franchise. As per the Hindi version, it can be surely said that the dubbing has made its longest journey to what we saw from Avengers: Age of Ultron when Pietro and Wanda Maximoff were voiced as Haryanvi Jats.

Furthermore, the trailer in English of Deadpool 2 movie has a hold of multiple funny dialogues, catchphrases and the abundance of Wade Wilson cusses.

The fun part of Deadpool 2 Hindi Trailer –

It comes right from the first scene of this Hindi trailer of Deadpool 2 Holywwod movie. The way the translation is done for the English dialogue reflects how the change of language can make it extremely funny. Also, we can see that the trailer has incorporated many locally related jokes and punchlines.

The line from the English trailer, “What in the f**ksickle is this?” gets translated to “Maushi chi, ab yeh kaun hai?” while another funny English dialogue from the English trailer of the Deadpool 2 Hollywood movie, “You’re a lot smarter than I look,” becomes “Teri gehraayi toh dekhi thi par soch ka aaj pata chala,”. Oh, wait how can we miss the line, “Can you speak up? It’s hard to listen with the pity d*ck in your mouth” which gets turned into “Zaraa zor se bolega? Aisa lag raha hai tu chocobar chus raha hai.” Man, they aren’t just funny but sexy in their own way. Also, not gto forget that moment in the ttrailer where Wade Wilson comes out of the Coffirn and says the word “Chutiya”! Damn hillariou man!

It must also be noted that the translations in this trailer have made sure that the translator has eventually used the reference of the Bollywood highest grossing movies, Bahubali and Dangal. Example – “super-duper f**king group” has “Dangal karne wali choriyan”. And finally, the moment where he meets his girlfriend and surely puts a sexy blame on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The best creativity at its perfection is what we will see in Deadpool 2 on May 18, 2018. Stay tuned for more trailer reviews because they will be reviewed by Filmee Keeda in the filmiest manner ever seen by anyone.


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