War Movie Review – Finest Yet A Tad-bit Disappointment


Well, the day finally came in when Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan came face to face. It was expected some sort of a man to man fight which did happen but with twists. Today, we take you on a journey where you will find out why this production of YRF was a tad bit of disappointment but also another finest delivery from the production house.
The beginning of any movie is extremely crucial and War movie had truly delivered a perfect first scene. Like any other Bollywood movie, there were steamy introductions for the main characters while unfolding a few action sequences. Till here, it seemed balanced but once the cat is out of the box, she seems to struggle and does not know where to go.

In the wake of delivering action-packed sequences, the duo of Tiger & Hrithik is seen pulling some of the great stunts. Considering their bodywork, they all seem to be justified but what’s not justified is the loose ends of the movie. This is hat we concluded in the first half –

War Movie Review – Storyline

Loose ends bring us to the script of the movie which undoubtedly was the finest work from writer’s end, however, a few things didn’t add up. For instance, why the lead pair was fighting in the Arctic region? We know we loved Fast & Furious but that was justified. This wasn’t! Also, more creative work with respect to locations and why that location would have saved another star for the movie.

Also, who on earth changed the coordinates of a freaking missile in mid-air. There was no part in the movie where it was justified. Though many things were justified in the movie yet an eye for detail lacked. In YRF productions, this one’s a rare and not a good start.

War Movie Review – Dialogues

Would you believe if we say that Tiger Shroff has had his first headshot with this one? We too are in awe. Although, there are miles to go before the hatchling turns out to be a hen yet that came as a surprise. On the other hand, every nit delivered by Hrithik sir was phenomenal and joy to all eyes. The dialogue deliveries were captivating and balanced.

War Movie Review – To or Not To?

In a nutshell, it is a one time watch but then again it should be worth it. We are being conclusive here but this is how we summarised it at the end of the movie –

The Great News

War has declared a new war that is yet to be fought. This time they have just lived to fight another one another day!

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