Saaho Movie Review – You Should See it to Know How Confused Bollywood is!

Saaho Movie Review
Saaho Movie Review

It seems that the world of cinema is experiencing a crisis of everything, except for the manpower. The recently released movie – Saaho – is a true nightmare and a perfect example of this crisis. The movie starring Shraddha and Prabhas is nothing but an amalgam of poor VFX work, a confusing storyline, and usual acting skills. There we said it!

In the past few months, the amount of buzz this movie has created, it looked that the movie is going to be a ground-shatterer. With this write-up on “Review of Saaho movie,” we are going to uncover the facts to convince you not to go and watch this movie, not even through piracy.

So like a Tollywood masala film, the movie opens with a string force of villains who are trying to kill each other for power. Everything is cool but then the main villain aka the owner of Roy group dies in a car accident, later uncovered as an assassination. Now until here, the movie is good but in the background, there is a different story of a thief who has been a pain in the ass for the police department. Okay, acceptable, as a matter of fact, even the way the theft is described, things look pretty good. Clearly, for the first 20 mins, the movie is trying to establish all the characters. However, the first twist comes when Prabhas has already helped the department in catching this thief but oh, wait, he is the real thief and he has made an undercover police officer look like a thief. That’s twist number 1.

Until the movie has reached to its interval. And don’t you worry, you haven’t missed any supreme action that you haven’t seen in any other action film. So in the interval, you are saying two things to yourself –

The first half was lame, maybe the real deal is in the second half.

What the fuck had just happened in the past 1 hour.

So now the second half commences with a bit of background story, however, the fight between the rivals is still on. The interesting part here is that Shraddha has not yet established any credibility of her character. Same old concept – the actress falls in love with the actor but then she realizes he is a thug and now she is in a turmoil if she should be with him or not. Meanwhile, there a few twists in the movie like some senior police officer is a mole in the department, Neil Nitin Mukesh is still an asshole who does not know what he is doing in the movie, except for being a dick – no offense, okay!

In the second-half, there are many actions scenes which I am least bothered about to discuss. All I can say is that they are just plain simple shitty work of VFX. At some point, you even want that now Prabhas aka Saaho should die. Oh, wair, we have a cameo by Evelyn Sharma who is some kind of an officer in that gang city, Waji. In all this turmoil, Mandira Bedi has found out the truth behind everything, particularly the Black box. In the first place, the entire movie is behind getting hold of this box that is supposed to open a big lock or something like that.

Now when you think that there must be something good in the climax scene, well, be prepared to be disappointed because there isn’t. After everything when the final twist – Saaho is the biggest fish – has been revealed, they have dropped hints of the worst nightmare – there may be Saaho 2.

Dude, Prabhas, what have you done. I use to be a true fan but now I am nothing but disappointed. Well, as they say – better luck next time. And Shraddha please, seriously, work on your skills woman, you are the daughter of the wizard of Bollywood. At least show something to us girl!

Our Ratings – 1 out of 5 stars

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