Does “Made In Heaven” Shouts Loud Enough for us to See Relations Do Matter? No Matter Gay or not!

We just completed the full series of “Made in Heaven”, a brilliant TV show streaming on Amazon Prime and this is what we have to ask you first –

Are we even valuing the relations around us?

The TV show brilliantly explores the if’s and but’s of Indian society where the LGBTQ community is still finding it hard to live. As much as it is appreciating to see Section 377 being rolled back by the Indian government, the root problem still prevails.

Made in Heaven is just more than explaining these problems that exist in our country.


If you aren’t convinced with this here are some of the dark deep sides –

A woman is in love with a man whom she knows is cheating on her every second!

Now, who’s at fault?

Okay, she knows that he is cheating on her but still she wants to be with him or takes years to decide that he is not worth her time.

In another instance, a young lady compares the deeds of her “boyfriend” to “treated-me-like-a-prostitute”.

Being a male, I don’t have the fuckin freaking guts to even tell you that who is at the fault – the woman for thinking that or the man who turned his world upside down to hear at least not this.

Here’s another –

A man decides to have a relation with as many women as he wishes for while the woman, even though she is married still wants to be with men like him.

Now, who isn’t respecting the relations?

Are the “Straights” giving the needed respect to the relations and humans around us?

I know many of you might relate to these instances but hey that’s just it – the freakin world and people we live with.

This TV show, “Made in Heaven” is an exploration to all the dark sides of the deeds or misdeeds done by the “straights” or “Homosexuals”.

Compiled in the perfect plate of a wedding planner, this latest TV show by Amazon Prime tells you how important it is to get married or to not get married, irrespective of your age, class and gender.

Set in the time before the epic result regarding Section 377 came out, this TV show has all the best actors that you can ask for.

A must watch for your weekend or binge watchers, I, Filmee Keeda, stands by the TV program and does not want anyone of you to go by without watching this TV show.


Don’t just see it for the sake of passing the time. Embrace the work by Reema and Zoya as both of them have shaken the hypocrisy of our society and on the pillars which it stands.

This is no about I ranting my frustration regarding the issues or problems that I have had the first-hand experience but the time we all speak and actually “RESPECT RELATIONS FOREVER”.


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