Captain Marvel – Countless Reasons to Watch this Amazing Movie Now!

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

We all have been waiting for the day when Captain Marvel movie drops in nearest theaters and we could watch it finally. Well! That just happened on 8th March 2019 and once we walked out of the theaters after watching the movie, along came countless reasons.

Captain Marvel – One Word – Marvel-lous AF

This is what we would like to quote here!

The movie is a chapter that explains the past and the future of Marvel Avengers series. That is true because –

Captain Marvel movie is the Answer to all your questions Since Avengers Initiative

 Back in the time when Iron Man was released, along with it came for the first time – The Avengers Initiative. But we actually never knew how it came into existence in the first place but Captain Marvel answers this pretty well.

Agent Phil Coulson & S.H.I.E.L.D. Director’s Fury camaraderie is revealed

Captain Marvel - Agent Coulson & Fury
Captain Marvel – Agent Coulson & Fury

So Agent Nicholas Joseph Fury was a very important agent back in his early days of joining the agency. Along with him was Agent Coulson who has just joined the agency and trust us when we say that they had one a good banter/camaraderie.

Because going with your guts and against the order is something very big, compliments Fury. To know why and when he does that, watch the movie!

Captain Marvel & the Cat who ate the Tesseract

Captain Marvel - goose cat
Captain Marvel – goose the cat

Although the phrase wants us to address the “elephant” in the room but this is the first time that we want to address the “cat” first. 

This cute lil Flerken aka alien cat named – Goose – is someone that you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Pssst…. She is the reason for a major event in the movie and we would want you to see the movie for that.

Now we know why Ronan is pissed off with C-53 aka Earth

Captain Marvel - Ronan
Captain Marvel – Ronan

So Ronan always knew about the earth but why he was attacking it came as a surprise, Yeah, we know to kill the Avengers heroes but hey it was Captain Marvel who started this challenge. Spot this scene in the movie, it’s awesome to watch he do that.

Questions we still would like to know about?

Okay, we now know how Tesseract ended up on earth but what we don’t know is **w d*d F**y took i* out *f c**s m***h?

To fill in the gaps here, why don’t you watch the movie and tell us the answer to the question.

Secondly, we are still not sure if all the Avengers will be back or whom will we lose forever; guess we would have to wait until Endgame hits theaters.

Thirdly, how did Loki came to know that Tesseract was on earth? If you know the answer to it, kindly comment below and tell us now.

The end credits of Captain Marvel confirms…..

The return of Captain in Avengers Endgame (that ain’t a spoiler alert because you already knew that). All thanks to the upgrade made by her in the little pager that can transfer message to a couple of galaxies, she has come face to face in front of the real heroes under the Avengers Initiative.

Avengers? Infinity War? Captain Marvel? Or Endgame? – The Best Marvel Movie?

 Although Endgame is the ultimate get together cum face-off against the evil Thanos, it is extremely hard to decide which movie is the best.

By the way, what’s yours?

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