Love and Monsters Review: Your Guide To Happiness In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Love and Monsters Review
Love and Monsters Review

Love and Monsters Review

Apocalypse has always been a hot topic, and Hollywood is behind this hot chick since the dawn of time. And there seems to be no end to this chase! Glad that it’s not ending anytime soon.

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From Armageddon, a 1998 classic, to the 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, many pre and post-apocalyptic movies have been made. In this list, there has been a new addition – Love and Monsters. Released in the pandemic year, 2020, the movie is precisely what it suggests from the title – spreading love and killing the monsters. 

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Love and Monsters – Plot

The movie begins in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere where the world is already upside-down, but this time, the aliens are not the reason. The creatures that once resided beneath the humans or in hiding have taken over the land. And in this Monsterpocalypse, Joel is one of the few survivors living underground. Centered around his journey to meet his girlfriend, Aimee, living 80 miles away from his camp, Love and Monsters is a guide to spreading love in a world that has given up.

What makes Love and Monsters stand out?

Yes, there have been many movies in the past where you have already seen what happens when humanity is hit hard. So what more could have this movie offered? Well, this Love and Monsters review is how I will put an end to your thirst.

Love and Monsters Review
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See, the post-apocalyptic world is a scenario full of unlimited possibilities. And the more you try to explore it through the movie, the more it seems to open up. It’s like a layer of choices that we humans will make. And that is why this has been the favorite subject of Hollywood. 

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Applying a new cause to the end of humanity, Love and Monsters is an exploration to answer this question – will humanity stop thriving? Directed by Michael Matthews, the movie stars Jessica Henwick (Aimee, Joel’s girlfriend from before the apocalypse), Dylan O’Brien (Joel Dawson), and Michael Rooker (Clyde Dutton, a survival expert) in the lead roles. The movie is a whole new chapter on how you can still win even when the whole world is left to perish. On a personal note, this movie is more of a guide on “How to spread love when everyone is not?”

Does the movie entertain you?

Yes, of course, Michael has ensured that the entertaining elements are held exactly where you need them to be. From delivering “unbelievable visual graphics” to keeping you hooked up to your seat, Love and Monsters is a fun ride that you must not miss.

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Why should you watch Love and Monsters?

Skipping the usual question – “Should you watch the movie?” we intend to emphasize answering “why should you watch the movie? Now, movies are being made all the time, but it is not often that movies tend to inspire you and still keep the belief alive. This uncommon feature – of keeping the inspiration to fight against all the odds – is what that makes Live and Monsters a “must-watch” of the year.

Also, when the entire world is moving at a snail speed (due to COVID), it is the visual art that keeps humanity sane. Further, the movie has a few scenes where you will find yourself connected to Joel. Why? Because not everyone in this world comes prepared to fight. People learn to fight with time, and this movie is yet another unique journey towards giving hope to us. It teaches us that it is never late to make the right decision and move towards keeping love and happiness alive. 

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My reaction when the movie ended!

Having said that, do watch Love and Monsters once!

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