Joker Movie Review – History Repeats Itself & Asks Again Why So Serious?


Do you understand what it takes to put a smile on one’s face? Well, the Joker sure knew that.

Welcome DC fans! Today, we invite you to front VIP’s and stand in support of the house that has brought yet another legendary movie – Joker. It is just not a movie review but an ode to a classical delivery from Warner Bros.
While we sat in the theatre, we did has some expectations but what we saw on screen was beyond words, truly exceptional. Do we have words to define what we saw on the screen – I think that would be too less no matter how much we speak. Not just we but the entire sat there in awe and shock of surprise to what they saw.

Joker Movie Review – Storyline

In one word, the movie’s story is the perfect execution of a vision as saw by DC and as expected or imagined by every fan. The movie opens with a regular guy trying to meet ends by making people smile. This might look ordinary but do you know what was extraordinary, the way Joaquin Phoenix played the character. Any move he made, any laughs he triggered through the character convinced us in every manner. From top to bottom, the full movie was the perfect delivery.

Joker Movie Review – Best Things

Although it’s not yet enough to speak about the character what the hell – we have to move to a few more things such as –

The transformation and how that struggling stand-up comedian evolved.
An eye-for detail was seen at every step.
The entire theater left after slapping and giving a standing ovation.
A few of the viewers we met sat there for a while to digest what they have just seen.

Well, we just can’t stop talking more and more about the movie but this is what we want to say –

Heath Ledger, you shall always remain our Joker but what can we say, we have your competition with Joaquin Phoenix as the new Joker.

Don’t anyone of you dare to watch it on your PCs or laptops or any godforsaken device for that matter – WATCH THIS LEGENDARY FLICK IN THEATERS ONLY!

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