DeadPool 2 Movie Review: Love Me Like You Miss Me Red!

Deadpool 2 movie review
Deadpool 2 movie review

Who is Deadpool? I mean who the fuck he thinks he is? Is there no one among 7.6 Billion fuckers who don’t want to talk about this guy ? And how the fuck he said, “Fuck you wolvie”?


You will never find people saying any such thing about Deadpool because we had already killed them with our telepathic powers. Kidding bruh! We slaughtered them, butchered them and nailed them to the wall of shame.


Thanks to the special screening held in theaters before the actual release of Deadpool 2, we saw it, and there was no single moment where we didn’t go up-side-down on our chairs. From the very first scene till its post-credit scenes, DP 2 rocked and not just rocked but gave a hell of a rollin’ rocka Rock. Don’t mind us if we had already given you any spoilers because fuck you, you are still going and watching it and why not? It’s the one and only, The Deadpool.

What was in Deadpool 2?

Action, fun, as usual, unimaginable dialogues and a lot of fucks to give, Deadpool 2 had it all.

As the movies started rolling, we saw a fantastic entry of Marvel’s yet another mad character Deadpool played by none other Ryan Reynolds. Not that he didn’t say that it was a family movie but oh boy, who has dared to stop him from going the F of family to the F of FUCK.

Even though, we weren’t able to stop our stomach from bursting out of laughter but also, we failed to find one bloody scene where it didn’t happen. From getting jailed to forming the X-force, from recruiting the team twice to actually fucking up at first, Deadpool is the flying panther who has Dopinder watching his 6.

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Vanessa, oh boy that sweet and sexy bomb of lust! What more should I say about her? It fills my kinky thoughts even seeing her lie there leaving her breathes forever. Yes, I know it’s a spoiler but damn you she is the first and the only love of Deadpool.

But do you know what was more awesome even more and more awesome other that PoolBhai – The Juggernaut. Yes, you got it right, he was there in the movie and that big pile of “I don’t know what” had a very crushing entry. He is a must watch! And oh yes, he was beaten not to death though. Go and find out how?

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The airplane jump –

This is a post X-force team formation but what you need to see here is how everyone gets fucked except for Deadpool and Domina. And yes, yes! Don’t miss the Deadpool style of driving a car because you know how he is.

Deadpool 2 movie review

Who is the villain?

This is what we are going to give to you, pick one. Was it Cable or that fat shit? Or maybe no-one!

Duh, what more could we have said about Deadpool 2, you still are going to watch it because if you are not we will be firing the keedas all over you by the power of our filmee blood.

Deadpool 2 movie review

Deadpool 2 –

Has something to say about Family in a very cool and Deadpool manner and we suggest you watch the movie and find out.

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Before you go, take this one as well because we can’t keep it anymore –

Behind Deadpool, try to spot the X-Men having a meeting and avoiding him by closing the door!

Here, watch the 30 second quick trailer

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