The Ant-Man And Wasp Movie Trailer Review, Villain Revealed

New Movies 2018
New Movies 2018

When Ant-Man came in the year 2015, we were very excited to find out more about this new Marvel Hero. To our utter surprise, we were pretty much jacked by the movie and the superpowers of Ant-Man. The second appearance cof this hero happened in Captain America: Civil War where he was in the team of Steve Rogers. Just like the Ant-Man go surprised after being invited to be in the Cap’s side, similarly, we got surprised with the second trailer of The Ant-Man and Wasp movie.

The launch of this trailer has made it clear that the new villain is going to take extra efforts to be defeated. And with the introduction of someone who will be watching Ant-Man’s back, Wasp, it is pretty clear how villainous the villain will be. The perfect thing we liked about both the heroes is the ability to minimize and maximize, somewhat feels like zooming in and out. Also, it is made clear in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie that Wasp is going to be the partner but is she going to be the perfect one? we will have to find out when the movie releases.

The rise of a new villain in The Ant-Man and Wasp is explained by the close friend of the Ant-Man, Luis where he reveals that when the Doctor opened the quantum realm and the crazy white suit dude who can walk through the walls came out. Also, acknowledging the fact that he stole the Doc’s tech. To everyone’s surprise, nobody knows whether this new villain wants to take over the world or not but what’s more surprising here is – the Doctor turning up to the officials for help.

Although Ant-Man accepts teaming up with Wasp, it’s the wasp who decides who is going to lead and who is going to follow. Agreeing to wasp, Ant-Man even says this – “She seems more intense” to the Doctor. Further, an ant playing a drum set is the next new thing we find pretty interesting and also that scene where the Ant-Man is flying in the air, chased by an eagle and he shouts – NO, No, No!

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What’s best in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie trailer?

  1. Luis shouting – We are going to die! I don’t want to die and finally confirming – we didn’t die. But alas Ant-Man misses seeing his best friend getting tiny.
  2. The other best thing is where this old dude compares his height with Ant-Man and Ant-Man nails it by proudly saying – 65 feet!

What are we speculating for Ant-Man and Wasp movie?

Maybe, the story arises from the part where the Doc from the previous movie opens up the quantum realm in need to find his wife. Somehow, someone vicious comes out in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie, finds out about the Doc, steals his tech and Doc introduces Wasp to team up with Ant-Man to fight the new evil.
Maybe this is speculation, or perhaps it turns out to be true! We just have to wait and find out.
But, don’t forget to watch the trailer here –

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