Bumblebee Movie Review – 5 Reasons to add it to “Must Watch List”


Bumblebee has been our first introduction to the Transformers and as much as we all love him, the latest Bumblebee movie has only added more fuel to this love.

But does that mean this latest Hollywood movie is the most appealing one among all the movies of Transformers franchise? Well, as a matter of surprise, we would call Bumblebee the kidish, funny, enjoyable yet an action-packed movie!

Being ‘sixth’ in the franchise, Bumblebee was directed by the director of “Kubo and the Two Strings” – Travis Knight. But does this fact make you watch the movie? Maybe, but we have five solid reasons that shout loud enough – “Add this movie to your watch list!”

a. The movie has this childish and innocent feel which makes you fall in love with Bee all over again. Although we have seen his both sides – “childish and furious” but the movie has them (his sides) in the right amount. It’s funny to watch him do his shenanigans in his own style of persuasion.

b. The movie has a balanced amount of funny and action moments. It is just that you will never find yourself losing in the whole movie. One of the best action scenes in this movie is “the car chase” while the funniest is “the revenge.” Watch this scene here and don’t worry there are no spoilers in it!


c. Many questions are very well answered in this movie. For example –

What is the real name of Bumblebee?

How did he lose his voice?

How and why does he come on planet earth?

When and why did the transformers choose planet earth?

Well, these are some of the connecting dots to our beloved character. This is a reason enough to make you watch the movie.

d. Watch Bumblebee for John Cena. Yes, he is incredible in the movie and if you happen to be his fan like us. This movie is for you.

e. The movie could be found resonation on different frequencies of “The Thing From Another World”, “Dr. Strangelove,” and Smiths-heavy, “I Love the ’80s” soundtrack. Unlike the previous Transformer movies that have those chaotic CGI and sounds, this one is calm, funny yet thrilling.

Bumblebee Trailer


The movie has a very correctly mapped storyline that begins with Autobots and Decepticons fighting on their home planet Cybertron. The fight shows B-127 aka Bumblebee speaking and this is the second time viewers will watch him speaking for real. Graduating, the movie finds a one-time high school diving champion – Charlie – struggling emotionally after the demise of her father. Further, how Bee and Charlie meet and how they save the day together – the movie shall keep you uptight in your seats.

Unlike the other Transformer movies, Bumblebee is a motion that walks the path of reality, and as a true fan, I couldn’t be happier.

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