Brahmastra Review: Witness The Best VFX Work For The 1st Time In Indian Cinema

Brahmastra Review
Brahmastra Review

Brahmastra Review

The world is changing, but India is growing to like “Larger than life” content. Since the theatres opened in 2022, movies like RRR and KGF only shouted VFX, and their box office collection has confirmed what moviegoers in India want to watch after the pandemic.

In this hustle-bustle comes the Magnum Opus, Brahmastra, by Ayan Mukerji. And this Brahmastra review is more than a fan letter, it’s a thank you note to the makers. We can’t hold ourselves or expect you to hold your horses.

Indian audiences have grown over the past decade, watching MCU movies like Avengers, Spider-man & Thor. Films that are more than filled with VFX. This created a phenomenon where, despite over-used VFX, we enjoyed heavy CGI fight scenes. The only thing we missed was a Bollywood movie name being added to such a list. However, with the release of Brahmastra, we no longer feel left out.

Has India got its own Avengers?

Well, in a way, yes. We have to agree that most Marvel movies take inspiration from Indian Mythology. Ergo, when an Indian maker invests a decade in creating a universe based on Indian mythology, we can’t deny that we have our own Avengers.

How great is the VFX?

Honestly, we haven’t seen great VFX work in Indian cinema. The last time the Indian audience expected good VFX work was Ra.One, but it was a big disappointment. With Brahmastra, this myth has been broken that we Indians can’t have good CGI movies. The best thing is that the colors in the film are balanced and believable.

Is Brahmastra a love story?

Yes, we have to agree to the fact that love and Bollywood run parallel to each other. Brahmastra move do have a couple of cliché love scenes, but when you watch this movie to the end, you will realize why it was needed.

In reality, nobody can deny the power of love, but somehow, the people from the land of love fail to accept it. This is the harsh truth. In our opinion, it is all the heartbreak people face in their life that when it comes to the big screen, they no longer wish to see it in movies.
So, no, Brahmastra is not a love story entirely but a movie with everything in equal proportions.

Why are people boycotting Brahmastra?

There are many reasons for people to do so, but in our opinion, a movie must only be judged on its content and not on what’s happening in the personal life of the actors. However, if you don’t want to watch the movie, it is entirely your choice, and we respect your decision.

Will Brahmastra make good money at the box office?

It was the first time after the pandemic that we saw people talking and discussing the movie after it was over. It’s just like when people used to discuss MCU movies. So, with that look in our mind, we think that the movie will make good money. The first-day collection of the film was also good, so keeping my fingers crossed.

How good is the Brahmastra movie?

By adding many big stars to the movie, the director has done an outstanding job. See, it’s all about the execution and the timing. In Brahmastra, you will see that the cameo of SRK comes at an expected time. The voice of Nagarjuna as the Nandiastra is jaw-dropping, while the fighting scene of Big B makes the audience go whatt?? The story also has that element that keeps the audience intrigued for its next part. However, the story does become a little predictable. We think part two of this series will be a lot more exciting. What do you think?

Overall, the movie does not disappoint you and maintains the standard of a fantasy flick.

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