Avengers Endgame plot: Time Stone Will Resurrect Lost Characters

Avengers endgame
Avengers endgame

We all know that this all started with the release of Avengers in the year 2012 when the New York City was attacked by Loki who came with an army sent with him by Thanos. For the same reason, Iron-Man was looking for the person who had sent the army but had no idea until the Avengers: Infinity Stones came.

Here are a few mind-boggling Avengers movie facts & theories that prove all the characters might come back and Avengers will win.

Marvel is pretty smart; they actually told you what they are going to name the next movie by directly hinting it through Dr Strange.

The Avengers are going to win. Don’t believe us. Here’s the proof – Remember When Tony asked Dr Strange this –

Dr Strange has an answer where it clearly gets proved that Avengers is going to win.

Looks like that is a high-priority answer everyone is looking forward too!
Just look at their faces man.

The answer is something that I think only Dr Strange has the power to find out!

Although the success ratio is pretty low but the good news is that they can win in how many outcomes?

How does the Time Stone will conclude Avengers: Endgame?

The only thing which is possible now is time travel. Why?

It is clear that Ant-man was inside the quantum realm when the infamous “snap” happened. He comes back to the remaining Avengers and discusses the same. So our theory suggests that while Iron-man and Captain America have partnered together to fight against Thanos, Ant-man and Dr Strange are busy getting the lost Avengers back or undoing what happened after the Snap.

Whatever it takes to win

Since Ant-Man and Hawk-eye are joining in the Avengers: Endgame and the former have even escaped the quantum realm in ant man and wasp movie, he has pretty good answers. Bro, he got back Doctor Hank Pym’s wife back, like after decades. We gotta take this boy serious!

Ant-man knows all about time travel and all this while Dr Strange knew that giving the Time stone to Thanos will grant him his wish which was his plan only all this while because –

He knew that they will win but to make that happen he wanted Thanos to have his desire fulfilled. Also, till now there has been no evidence that all the disappeared characters will be coming back. But this has been confirmed that people have lost a lot of closed ones and along with Captain Marvel, the Avengers are gearing up to have that journey which ends this for once & all.

This coming back of the lost Avengers is just a theory and our clear intention is not to spoil the fun for you because –

If you have anything to say to contradict it, please be our guest in the comment section!

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