Best Time Travel Movies To Give You A Future Ride In Present!

Time travel movies
Time travel movies

Who hasn’t been fascinated with Time Travel? Even the thought of going into the future and witnessing humanity’s progress or regress is fascinating. As any other bloke, filmmakers have also delved into the fray of time travel. But the laws of physics and nature don’t take it too kindly when someone breaks the fragile fabric of time flow, which often results in peril for our poor protagonists, sometimes they escape, sometimes they get stuck in a time loop for an eternity, or sometimes they end up dead. So let us explore this chaos and recommend you some of the best time travel movies ever to exist.

Best Time Travel Movies of All Time

Terminator 1 and 2

With our first pick, we are time travelling 40 years into the past. In this classic science fiction flick, a robot assassin known as The Terminator gets sent to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of John Conner, who will lead the rebellion in 2029 against the Skynet, an artificial intelligence defense network. It will cause a global nuclear war to save Sarah Connor, a member of the resistance movement Kyle Reese comes from the same time in the future. This leads to intense back and forth, which leads to Spoiler Alert, the death of the Terminator. The Sequel follows more or less the same plot but is generally considered superior to its previous counterpart, this time. It follows T-1000, an improved version of the Terminator and Model 101 Terminator as the defender of John Connor. This classic time-travel fiesta will give you great action sequences as well as a fun story, the less talked about the future films, the better.

La Jetee

La Jetee
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This will probably be the least known film from this entire list, but it will be a worthy addition to your watchlist if you are a time travel nerd, especially when you consider that this film is only made up of still images. In addition, this is not a feature-length film, but a short film clocking in at only 28 minutes. But within these 28 minutes, it offers enough depth and emotions, equal to any feature-length film. The plot follows a man from the post-apocalyptic World War 3, who is sent back to save the future Paris and also to find the truth behind his memories.

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This movie deals with the themes of war, co-existence between nations, trust and, of course, time travel. The film deals with the conflict between aliens and the human government, which results from mistranslation. Now it is upon the linguist Louis Banks to save the whole world. While not exactly a typical time travel flick, it does delve into it enough to qualify as time travel.

Groundhog Day

Probably the most quoted time-travel film to ever exist, the competition is between this and the Terminator. While Terminator is more of a serious movie, Groundhog Day is a comedy movie, a movie you can enjoy with a group of family and friends if you are in the mood for a good laugh. This movie deals with a man stuck in a time loop and trying to find his way out. This movie has become so popular that Groundhog day has often been used to describe a repetitive and monotonous situation.


Arguably, the most complicated time-travel movie to ever exist. This movie has various versions of future and past- self-interacting with one another, that at one point it becomes extremely complicated to keep the film on track. So, if you like to test his intelligence by watching the highly complicated flick, then film is a must-watch for you.

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Looper is a complex, action-heavy, time travel movie, which casts Joseph Gordon Levitt as Joe and Bruce Willis as Old Joe. This enough is capable to creating intrigue within anyone. Joe is a contract killer of a gang, who sends their enemies in the past to be executed, sometimes the syndicate sends the older versions of the killers to be executed in the past. This is the premise of the movie Looper, where Joe is sent to the younger version of himself to be killed.

Your Name

Moving from live-action to anime for this one. Your Name is one of the greatest anime films of all time. It concerns itself with two high school friends, who somehow end up swapping their bodies, then they find out that they have to save a town from an apocalyptic disaster, and for that, they have to time travel. Your Name has received immense praise for its animation, music and its story.


No Time-Travel list is complete without our dear old Mr.Nolan, one of the best minds of modern cinema, his films often deal with time in one way or another, and this one is no different. The word limit of this article won’t be enough to explain the plot of this movie. Still, in short, we can say that Dr. Cooper is sent to space to search for habitable planets. In one such Planet named Gargantua, 1 hour equals seven years on Earth. Due to a catastrophe, they spend 3 hours on the Planet, which means that 23 years have passed on Earth. The movie has a soul-striking soundtrack produced by Hans Zimmer and one of the best father-daughter relationships you will ever see on screen.

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Donnie Darko

A movie with a black rabbit who warns Donnie that the world will end in 28 days. No, this is not an idea a stoner dude came up with but instead is the premise of the famous movie Donnie Darko. The movie initially was classified under low-grossing status until it found a cult status. The movie is one entertaining time-travel fiesta.

Planet of the Apes

We are not talking about the current Planet of the Apes franchise, but we are talking about the classic 1968 version of the film. The movie starts with two astronauts somehow finding themselves on an unknown planet in the year 3978. Over there, the astronauts find themselves in a society ruled by Apes and where human beings are kept as slaves. The movie’s ending is one of the most famous twists of cinematic history, which inspired countless imitations, parodies, and references.

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