Top 8 AI-based Movies for Film Lovers to Check Out on Netflix

AI-based movies on Netflix
AI-based movies on Netflix

After the pandemic, we have two new best friends; Netflix and Artificial intelligence. Now people are accepting the rapid growth of technology faster than ever. Hollywood has made some pretty amazing movies based on artificial intelligence. These sci-fi, AI-based movies have drama, emotion, and a whole lot of science fiction, but these movies also have a little truth in them. They inspire us to learn about these facts more. From love stories of robots, space adventures, miracle inventions, Netflix has an awesome collection of these movies. In this list, we are including some thrilling and mesmerizing AI-based films available on Netflix.

AI-based movies on Netflix


The movie takes place when the law enforcement system has replaced the human police force with autonomous androids. The problem starts when one of them gets stolen and replaced with new programming, which allows him to think and feel like a human. This movie is surprisingly good, and you may even shed some tears for this robot. It captures the emotion and the thrill perfectly together. It has an IMDb rating of 6.8.

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It is a classic movie by Christopher Nolan, released in 2014. The theme and the concept of this movie are beautiful. The film is about a team who goes on an interstellar journey as it is the last hope to ensure the survival of mankind. The movie has two robots TARS, and CASE, and they take functions over humanness. The movie deals with the concept of the wormhole, space adventure, and Murphy’s Law. This movie easily catches any science lover’s attention. Its IMDb rating is 8.6.


Initially released in 2013, the movie is about a lonely writer who is going through a divorce. He decides to buy an OS1, an AI-powered OS. As he starts spending time with his OS Samantha, he feels closer to her than anyone else. The movie is deeply emotional and shows how our desire to connect works. It is an unconventional love story of a human and an AI voice assistant. It paints a picture how our future AI assistants will look like and how they will affect us. It is a beautiful movie with an IMDb rating of 8.0.

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This movie teaches us the importance of data analysis in real life. Initially released in 2011, in this movie, Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane tries to put together a baseball team at a low budget with the help of data analysis and Moneyball theory. The film shows how we can implement computer-generated analysis, statistics, and probability in real-life endeavors. The movie is based on a true story and has an IMDb rating of 7.6.

Minority Report

An AI-based data analysis system is used to predict future crimes and stop them from happening. PreCogs are scientists who predict future murders and sent officers to prevent them. But the problem arises when an officer gets accused of a future murder. It is a sci-fi thriller action movie by the one and only Stephen Spielberg. The film successfully combines highly conceptual scientific ideas with octane action. It has an IMDb rating of 7.6.

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The imitation game

Released in 2014, this movie is based on the true story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing. The film shows us the journey of Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers as they try and break the enigma code. Enigma is the German code Nazis’ used to encrypt their messages during Second World War. It portrays Turing’s struggles, conflicts with authority, and finally, his win and becoming the master of the puzzle and father of the modern computer. Its IMDb rating is 8.0.

Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek is a beloved movie franchise by millions of people. In this movie, the Lieutenant Commander Data is the AI-based power android system. He has an emotional chip in his brain, which makes him sentient and human-like. The film was released in 1994, and it portrays how, with the presumed death of Captain Kirk, Captain Picard stops a mad scientist from killing everyone on a planet to enter a space matrix.

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Blade Runner

It is an imaginative movie wherein 2019 Los Angles bioengineered humans live among humans. A Blade Runner has to terminate four nexus phase developed robots, “Replicants,” when they began a mutiny. The film is followed by sequels. It has an IMDb score of 8.1.

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