Bala v/s Ujda Chaman – The Winner is #Bala

Bala movie review

Bala movie review

Not many have that factor to deliver the best every time but Ayushmann Khurrana knows what it needs to deliver no less than the best!

Bollywood never fails to amaze the inner critic of us with its regular dose of brilliant content. The recently released movie, Bala and Ujda Chaman are the perfect examples. In the past few weeks, these two movies have taken upon a very unusual matter – hair loss to a whole new level. Although it is the former that has come out as the winner yet the later hasn’t failed to impress us. Ujda Chaman had Sunny Singh playing the role of a bald guy while Bala had Ayushmann Khurrana. While this review favors Bala, however, we cannot miss the good Ujda Chaman had in its climax. To find out let’s roll ahead.

Bala movie review

From the beginning, Bala had this very important thing – the establishment of the character! Since the audience knew what the movie was all about, it was necessary to pick them up right from the beginning. Bala aka Ayushmann takes up the movie theater with his exotic acting skills and unexpected content. With everyone relating to each scene of the movie, it was clear that the movie will be ruling the hearts for the next two hours.

Not just him but each member of the family had this charisma which infused a sense of blockbuster. While monologue delivered by Bala’s younger brother took everyone’s surprise, his father had a very soothing presence throughout the movie. Talking about Bala’s best friend, it looks like Bollywood now has a special space for them. Even though the main lead of the movie was going through a huge turmoil and unavoidable condition, his fried stick with him in all his ups and downs.

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After 1st half, this is what we said for Bala movie review –

Bala Movie Review – BALA V/A UJDA CHAMAN

Having said that here’s what’s to be ruled out from Bala v/s Ujda Chaman under our Bala movie review –

The first half of Bala was quite better than that of Ujda Chaman.
It seemed as if Sunny Singh’s character had given up right from the first scene. Whereas Bala was energetic, hopeful and honestly quite charming!
Both movies were developed as per the essence of the locations and that’s commendable.
Bala’s over-promotion of TikTok was excess and not required. I mean does TikTok need that?
The climax of both the movies was great yet Bala impressed us by inaugurating not one but two great things – one the baldness and the other was color complex.
Both movies had their love stories but it was Bala’s style that gave him the winning spree.

2nd half made us say this regarding Bala movie review –

Coming to the next half, it was more beautiful than the first one. The very moment we thought that this shall end now, Ayushmann Khurrana gave us hope and in the end, his comedy monologue was full of energy and confidence.
The message from Bala was clear – Live your life as you are!
Like a true movie fan, I expect the same to come! A movie should have a good message. Although Ujda Chaman too had one but extra points to Bala for delivering two.
And did you notice Bala’s love for SRK? Well, his SRK magic won’t let you down, because NAAM TO SUNA HI HOGA – BALA!
P.S.- Aparshakti, Ayushmann’s real brother too had a cameo in this one but just for a second or two!
Having said that it is time that you watch the movie today!

If you have watched the movie, do let us know how much you agree with us in the comment section!

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