Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – A Combo of Trashy Dialogues and Good Message

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review
Street Dancer 3D Movie Review

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review

Once Sharukh Khan sir quoted that there is a movie that we make for content and then there are movies that are made to be commercially successful. Street Dancer 3D, starring Varun and Shraddha, is one of those that was made to be a commercial success. But how did we come to this conclusion, this Movie Review of Street Dancer 3D is a testimony of it.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – Things One would Like

Well, without any question, some dance moves took us by surprise. For instance, when Prabhu Deva sir came up with his act, damn, that was something incredible.

Another thing you would like in the movie is the message and the ideology that has shown in the film. How S.W.A.T. is helping people in the UK and the way the entire dancing crews come together to fight for the cause.

Also, the last performance of the movie was excellent. But then that was it.

The two songs Garmi and Aj koi dua Karo were mind-blowing. The former was quite peppy, and the latter was a treat to your ears.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – What We Said After 1st Half

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – Things You Won’t Like

The first 30 minutes of the movie. Can you believe that in the whole 2 hr movie, they planted 30 minutes of Team Shraddha, aka Rule Breakers v/s Team Varun aka Street Dancers fighting? And not just that they way all these guys fought as if 10th graders were fighting for their dignity.

F*ucked up dialogues and overacting made use leave the theaters, but we still set till the end.

The worst part of the movie was lack of conviction, where a few scenes had it, the others had it missing significant time.

The next thing is that there came the point where we didn’t want to see the lead actors and wanted them to do some acting. See, dancing is an expression and how do you express – by dancing when it felt like not like going around and started to dance whenever and wherever you can.

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Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – What We Said After The Movie Ended

Now this calls for the conclusion, and all that we would say here is the movie has high hopes of making good money because “Indian audience” but it has seriously tanked in the eyes of critics.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Trailer – Watch Here 

P.S. – Don’t watch this movie if you are not a fan


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