BLOODSHOT Trailer (2020) – Watch Vin Diesel Cracking Bones Again & Again

A Marine, Ray Garrison along with his wife is murdered and then resurrected by a team of scientists. This makes him a superhuman who is enhanced with nanotechnology, a biotech killing machine named as Bloodshot. In the beginning, Ray trains with super-soldiers and therefore, he is not able to recall anything from his former life. Slowly as time passes, his memories start coming back and he remembers the man who has killed him and his wife. In the wake of revenge, he breaks out of the facility but discovers that there’s more to the conspiracy.

Bloodshot – YouTube

The movie Bloodshot is based on: Bloodshot; by: Kevin VanHook; Don Perlin; Bob Layton.

Bloodshot Comics

Looking at the trailer, it is the usual Hollywood sci-fi movie but with yet another crazy action moves and that’s what we crave for, ain’t we? Ergo, without much wasting your time, here’ the trailer –

Watch BLOODSHOT Trailer

Initial release: 21 February 2020 (USA)