Bigg Boss 14 – Fresh Contestant’s Names, Analysis & Prediction

Bigg Boss 14 Freshers
Bigg Boss 14 Freshers

Imagine doing something that you have never done before but not by choice! Well, watching Bigg Boss 14 in the pandemic is the same. Encouraged by the team and intrigued by the show’s popularity, I have finally decided to settle down in the waters of Bogg Boss. FYI, it took 11 seasons of Bigg Boss to get me into watching it – some power, bro!
Okay, moving forward, this is a quick analysis and prediction of the show’s contestants based on how badly they introduced themselves. Let’s crack open the pandora box!

Bigg Boss 14 – Fresh Contestants, Analysis & Prediction

Eijaz Khan

Image Credit – DNA India

Held by the power of honesty (claimed by Eijaz) and struggling to bear the humans, Eijaz Khan is a “single” guy who is more into animals rather than humans. And oh, he is trying to do the acting because come on, you got to enter on those groovy Bollywood numbers, right! One thing is sure about him – he will get attached to someone inside the house, and when it happens, he will have a hard time disclosing it. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to struggle any more than he already has to.

Nikki Tamboli

Image Credit – Voot

I have one thing to ask – how did you felt when you were served in a glass (which was supposed to be full of wine & not you)? You could have shown your human side and asked for a better intro. Anyways, coming to the lines that introduced you, it’s clear that you did had a hard time. As claimed by her, Nikki lives by her rules because that is her life, of course. But how come you are breaking more hearts than letting your heartbeat more than in a minute? If she continues to be in with this stereotype, hell’s going to set loose!

The Rubina-Abhinav Duo

Image Credit – Voot

Honestly, these two people sounded way too cool and calm. Unlike the previous two, they were very genuine, raw, and by the grace of God, a couple. During the BBQ task, they delivered stupendous answers to every question thrown at them. Also, Salman Khan, too, looked positive. As fas as the predictions are concerned, the outcomes look positive until and unless things go south inside the house.

Jasmin Bhasin

Image Credit – Deccan Chronicle

Jasmin, portrayed as a 20-year-old girl in a 30-year-old body, looks confident, but the grounds are shaky. In a nutshell, let’s say that she is the kid in Bigg Boss 14. Also, she is bubbly compared to Nikki, but before we draw any conclusions, it’s better to wait. For the predictions part, I think Jasmin is not a tough competition but someone who can walk miles to do what’s needed to be done.

Nishant Singh Malkani

Image Credit – Voot

A determined contestant in the show, Nishant says he is aggressive but doesn’t look like. More than that, he portrays himself as this savior who won’t stand anything wrong with a woman. Furthermore, Nishant looks like a strong contestant in the show and will keep others on their toe. One more thing, he might have to pay a specific price for being so honest.

Shehzad Deol

Image Credit – Voot

A fun-loving guy and nemesis to Nishant, Shehzad won hearts with the very moment he came inside the show. He is not just a pleasure to sour eyes but a strong opponent. Further, his innocence kind of thing may get him in jeopardy, but it looks like he knows how to tackle all the obstacles.

Sara Gurpal

Image Credit – Voot

One of the most confident girls in Bigg Boss 14, Sara is half Punjabi and half Haryanvi. She uniquely carries herself and ensures that likeability follows her. She is far more than just being called a “hot girl,” as she seems to be the definition of perfection. On the predictions part – Sara will be a tough competition but will have to stick for a while to stay in the game.

Jaan Kumar Sanu

Image Credit – Voot

Son of Kumar Sanu, Jaan Kumar Sanu, is an epitome of “like father like son.” He seems to be a friendly kid trying to make his way around, but his journey will be challenging. Although the kid got some talent, he sure needs to put it together and prove himself in front of this cruel world. Predicting anything about him will look unfair.

Pavitra Punia

Image Credit – Voot

She is the girl with whom you don’t want to mess with and, therefore, stands out to be a strong contestant in Bigg Boss 14. As a keen observer, everyone else will have a hard time defeating her, but it is not impossible. Also, Pavitra has a lot of experience playing negative roles, so she is aware of all the cheat codes. Ergo, she needs to find the hero and nail him or her as every villain does.

Rahul Vaidya

Image Credit – Voot

A singer by profession, Rahul is a simple guy and, therefore, stands out as the most mature guy in the show. He is going to be a tough competition for Rubina’s Hubdan, i.e., Abhinav Shukla. Rest looks fine, and there is nothing more to predict about him as he is a man carved out of good and bad experiences.

Kavita Kaushik

Image Credit – AajTak

One of the 3 wild card entrants, Kavita Kaushik is an actress, model and television host. She is well-known for Dr.Bhanumati On Duty and Chandramukhi Chautala in F.I.R.

Naina Singh

Image Credit – India Today

Naina Singh is a wild card entrant who is a television actress and model. She has won Splitsvilla 10 and was a runner up in india’s next superstar. Her well-known act has been as Rhea in Kumkum Bhagya.

Shardul Pandit

Image Credit – Jansatta

Out of the 3 wild card entrants, Shradul Pandit is a radio jockey, television actor and Singer. He is very known as a Radio Jockey in Radio Mirchi. Further, his other known works include his performance in show Kuldeepak.

Seniors of Bigg Boss 14

Gauahar Khan – Winner, Bigg Boss 7

Sidharth Shukla – Winner, Bigg Boss 13

Hina Khan – Runner Up, Bigg Boss 11

Note – the article was written after the Bigg Boss 14 has already started, and a few weeks have gone far. However, the prediction and analysis of all the contestants is solely an observation of the writer. Kindly do not get offended!

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