Avengers: Infinity War, A Fight To Stop The Snap!

Avengers: Infinity wars review
Avengers: Infinity wars review

Like every other Marvel fan, we went to see the movie with a colossal excitement but what did we watch – “A fight just to stop the Snap.” Although before that snap happens, there is a lot more to watch. Marvel Universe latest installment in the Avengers franchise was a full show of CGI, a goose chase to stop a Snap and superheroes vanishing just like that in the air.


Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers: Infinity War got released on 27th April 2018 and with its release came a bucket full of excitement, legend class story-line and multiple new upgrades to your favorite superheroes.


Why should you go and watch Avengers: Infinity War?

For those who are big time Iron Man fans, this move is for them, unlike us who happens to be the Hulk supporter. The movie had a significant part involving Iron Man. Spidey seconded the list.

The movie has some fight scenes which are worth watching, and they start happening right from the time you enter the theaters.

The movie has the grip just like the famous Bollywood movie, Bahubali in the story-line so if you want to rock even in your non-recliner chairs, take the call and book your tickets now.

The movie has an emotional plot which contributes actively to the movie story.

Also, if you have watched the all the past Marvel movies such as Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man series, Guardians of the Galaxy series then this movie is a must watch. Because this movie is the result of all what has happened in the past.

This day, next year, the second part of the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars will get released and the climax scene of the film has already confirmed it.

Honestly, the movie is indeed the biggest sci-fi of the year but wait we have Deadpool 2 coming up as well. So, let’s keep the fingers crossed.

Why shouldn’t you go?

C’mon, is there such a question that exists for Marvel movies because no matter how much CGI they put, people are still going to such film. So, the call is always in their favor!

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