10 Best Opening Scenes That Couldn’t Have Been Any Better

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You may have come across various movies with great opening scene. as a viewer the opening scene of the movie is something that decides if one’s interest would peak or fall. Having a good start is very crucial, isn’t that why so many of us have our favourite opening scenes? Sometimes filmmakers have such incredible ideas for the opening shot that the scene as a whole sometimes looks much better and appealing than the movie itself. 

10 Best Opening Scenes

Here for you, there are the 10 best opening scenes in ascending order; that couldn’t have been any better:

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

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This movie is based on the story of World War 2, directed by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. You’ll find in movie various great scenes, some realistic while others not so factually correct, like, the death of Adolf Hitler, Introduction of the “Bear Jaw” but the best scene from this movie is nothing else but the opening one, where Here, S.S. Col. Hans Landa can be seen questioning a dairy farmer who is covertly housing Jewish immigrants under his floorboards.

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Tarantino stated once in an interview with The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith that he had always regarded True Romance’s classic Sicilian scene as the standard of his writing, but it was later with Inglourious Basterds that he increased the standard for himself.

Scream (1996)

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Scream is one of those movies which through its opening scene is capable of explaining the whole genre. This is a horror movie but a bit different than thee lines of what generally is considered horror. One while watching the movie will observe that it’s a self-aware satire. 

The Dark Knight (2008)

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The opening scene of this Christopher Nolan movie, basically a Batman movie has an incredible IMAX visual, combined with the Joker’s scary introduction which makes the scene over the top, nonetheless film has several scenes which wow the viewers but the opening scene is the best of and wholesome of all!

The Lion King (1994)

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If you’ve seen the movie you know the grandeur of the opening scene. Whole animal kingdom in the Disney movie is seen coming to take a glance at their future heir Simba. Nothing from the movie is as great when compared to the opening sequence! It’s the form of art in true sense.

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Lord Of War (2005)

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This movie has received several acknowledgements for its plot and the concept as whole including the Amnesty International for the highlight and portrayal. But, you’ll see amidst all this that the opening scene was breath taking and provide a great head start to the movie. 

28 Weeks Later (2007)

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28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later might for many come across as a boring zombie film. However, if one watches the opening sequence the movie comes off as a powerful, scary horror film. Which includes a sad history of Robert Carlyle’s character, but this is the closest it could get to being scary! 

Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)

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Filmmaker Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West is nothing but a complete work of art. It has an ideal melancholy swansong for the genre of the movie, at the same time its opening scene is incredibly well-crafted and lives up to the expectations. The opening scene is smooth, simple and seven minutes.

The cinematography, cuts, and edits used maintain the suspense building up over time.

Hancock (2008)

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Film in the beginning portrays the protagonist as an enormously powerful superhuman who is insulted by the public for drinking excessively. Further, storey turns into a superhero movie when he gets a PR agent whose wife turns out to have powers too!  

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The ones who after watching the introductory scene think of the movie as a dark comedy witness thee film turn into a typical superhero movie.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

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Steven Spielberg who directed Raiders of the Lost Ark has loaded the movie with exciting action scenes, however as a viewer the opening scene is by far the most enjoyable section of the film and to be honest, you’ll find no scene in the film, as heart-stopping and full of suspense as the opening act.

Up (2009)

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The opening scene of the film is full of love, grief and all kinds of emotions. The scene introduces with the happy life of couple Carl and Ellie and how life changed following a tragedy, although the movie in itself is very emotional, and induced with full elements. However, the opening scene in itself is wholesome and a treat to eyes of the watcher. 

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