Why Watch The Latest Upcoming Animated Hollywood Movie, Incredibles 2?

The sequel to the 2004 hit Hollywood movie, Incredibles has already hit the theaters in the U.S. while it will strike the theaters tomorrow, i.e., on 22 June 2018 in India. Yes, Incredibles 2, directed by Brad Bird who also directed its first installment is all set to return the thrill and action in this second movie. After the Incredibles was released in 2004, the landscape for Superhero has changed radically. At that time, none of the universe from Marvel or DC existed. Even the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy ceased to exist. Only the Spider-Man franchise present at that time got the excellent critical and financial reception.

The stage was ready to get going with a great superhero Hollywood movie. Surprisingly, we got a great superhero animated film, The Incredibles, which went on to be a huge success. But what can we expect in the second part of the movie, The Incredibles 2? This movie is coming at a time when the superhero movies are already in surplus. More importantly, some of the most significant names such as the James Cameron have started to talk about the superhero fatigue which will soon set in. Although the movie reviews for Incredibles 2 are great if you still want to know should you go out and watch this movie, check out these five enlisted reasons –


With the help of detailed environs and characters, Pixar has been well known for making some of the exotic animated movies. But at the time when Incredibles was made, they too were scared of showing more human characters because the animation technology was not up to its peak like now. For the same reason, there was a lack of realism in the movie characters, and hence, there were more animal character movies at that time. Also, making the human characters for the first part at that time was a pretty tough task, but Pixar handled it like a pro. And now in 2018, with a highly advanced animation technology, it would be great to see how this extravagant work ot=f out turns out to be.

Incredibles 2


All the movies made by Pixar has always been excellent which means that the studio has worked very hard.  Many talented writers and directors were hired so that in coordination with the animators and art designers, a perfect plot and design gets created. Not just that the characters of Incredibles were good but they also well- written. Although less realistic but still good. Regarding characters, Incredibles 2 is said to have the same relatability.

Incredibles 2

Superheroes and the family issues:

For reasons like protecting their families, superheroes have to live a dual life. For example, in the case of Bat-Man and Spider-man who have lost their families already had less connection to how it will look if they had their families for real. But that’s not the case with Incredibles 2 because in this movie there is a different approach – uncaring husband, annoying kids, bossy siblings and exasperated wife.

Incredibles 2


The prequel to Incredibles 2 had some of the stunningly choreographed action scenes which can put few of the current live-action scenes to shame. Things were quite thrilling, but with the involvement of CGI and VFX, the viewers have started to fall into the pit of numbness. Since the final fight sequence of Incredibles was well-thought, the same is expected in its upcoming installment.

Incredibles 2

The Home Stay Dad:

Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible is shown staying at home in the trailer of Incredibles 2 while his wife, the Elastigirl is dealing with the havoc. Being a very clumsy dad, Bob along with Violet and Dash who are old enough to cause not many problems tries to deal with the baby Jack-Jack who has powers with no control over them. For from Bob Parr’s babysitting troubles, we suggest that film has a lot to deliver.

Incredibles 2

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