Venom Movie Review: Forget Avengers, Venom is the new hero of Marvel Cinematic Universe

venom movie review
venom movie review

Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been bringing superheroes in a very different avatar. But this time they decided to take a u-turn and make an anti-hero a hero. Yes, the Tom Hardy starrer Venom is developed on the same fact, and we like it. Read the Venom Movie Review here.

The movie, Venom has a usual starting with an alien species being carried back to earth and one of them sets itself free. Honestly, things took a very usual turn but being a fan of anti-things, watching things developed in an evilish manner made it look great. This means the execution was great.

Next best thing about the movie is Tom Hardy who looks good in the character of Edie Brock. The villain in the movie is a rich man who in an attempt to combine aliens and humans brings alien species to earth which is known by the name of Symbiote. The villain knows how to play with words and therefore, enthusiastically makes his volunteers die for his test where he is looking for a powerful host for the alien.

Why should you watch Venom?

Among the many reasons, following stands as the prominent ones in our Venom movie review and I am not saying as a fan but as a die-hard fan-

The persona for both, the villain and the hero are correctly built with an excellent relation. Although, it is very common to see in movies, but then again it is Venom and how can you complain?

The first reaction by Tom when he comes in contact with Symbiote is just awesome. This is where you witness an exceptional class of acting from a legend itself.

The action sequences in the movie are jaw-dropping with a “two-people-one-body” team work.

The movie has a streamlined story that will keep you stick to your chair.

Although, the origin of alien species could have been made clearer by showing the glimpse of their planet but then again it’s the writer and director’s call. We have digested it.

The old rule – accident gives rise to inventions, is perfectly laid out in the movie and you will love it.

The final climax scene of the movie has a “good Venom vs. bad Venom” fight which makes this movie a must watch movie.

Last but not the least, like every movie; it has a Stan Lee cameo.

Don’t miss the friendly talk between Edie and Venom in the end!

Anything, you wouldn’t want to watch in this movie?

There, there DC fan spotted!

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