Top Upcoming Superhero Movies (2019 – 2022)

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top upcoming superheroes movies

The Avengers Endgame may be the culmination of the MCU so far but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of superhero movies on the way. Here’s the complete line-up of upcoming superhero movies for Marvel and DC Comics in no particular order.

Top Upcoming Superhero Movies between 2019 to 2022

The Eternals

Source – imdb

The Eternals is expected to be the fellow MCU installment alongside Black Widow set for a 2020 release.
The film was first announced by Kevin Feige back in 2018. Since then Angelina Jolie has been reportedly negotiating for one of the lead roles. The film is expected to focus on Cersei and Icarus, two members of the eternal species that were created by the Celestials. Eternals have already been introduced to the MCU through the presence of Thanos.

The New Mutants

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Coming next in the upcoming superhero movies list are young superheroes is the new mutants, adapted from the comic series of the same name, locked away in a secret facility but desperate to fight their way to freedom. The new mutants also walk a fine line between sci-fi and horror. it was originally meant to release in April 2018 but was pushed back at the last minute by more than two years to allow for reshoots.


Source – Screengeek

After playing the Joker in Suicide Squad, Jared Leto’s returned into the world of comic books in a role that should offer him a bit more screen time. Sony’s Morbius is the living vampire movie which they have already begun filming and will release it in July 2020. Leto plays Michael Morbius, in this upcoming superhero movie, a doctor who tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease but instead imbues himself with vampire-like traits including a lust for human blood.


Source – reddit

Joker is technically not part of the DCU but is instead a standalone movie set in the 1980s. With Joaquin phoenix playing the Clown Prince of Crime executive, produced by Martin Scorsese and inspired by Scorsese’s 1982 satirical film, the King of Comedy, Joker will serve as an imagined origin story for Batman’s greatest nemesis. Though Bruce Wayne himself is just a child, set photos and behind-the-scenes images from Phillips have shown Phoenix wearing a red suit green hair and traditional clown makeup and seemingly inciting rides in Gotham City.

Birds of Prey

Source – Polygon

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will return in Birds of Prey in the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn. This one is highly expected to do well among all the upcoming superhero movies. This movie with the very long title will be directed by Cathy Ann, Birds of Prey will also star Mary Elizabeth, Winstead as Huntress Rosie.

Black Widow

Source – Twitter

Considering Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself an Endgame Black Widow is all but guaranteed to be a prequel. It will likely focus on Natasha’s life before becoming a SHIELD agent. Based on the events from Endgame, some believe that Nat’s father will be involved in the film’s storyline. Scarlett Johansson will be reprising her role in this superhero movie as Black Widow. The film, most talked among the list of upcoming superhero movies, also marks the first MCU installment to be solely directed by a woman with Kate Shortland. It also seems probable that the movie will take on one of the 2020 release dates.

Wonder Woman 1984

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After first appearing in Batman vs Superman, Gal Gadot reprised her role as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman film in 2017 which became an astounding critical and commercial success. So, of course, Warner Brothers decided to fast-track a sequence. Wonder Woman 1984 that takes place in the 1980s during the final days of the Cold War with Kristen Wiig playing the film’s villain – dr. Barbara Minerva aka cheetah.

Deadpool 3

Source – thesoundarchitect

The third installment of the Deadpool franchise is already in pre-production but the Disney Fox merger had sparked much debate about our beloved regenerating degenerate. Since Disney strives to uphold a squeaky-clean image across all of its brands including Marvel. Fanboys and fangirls alike are worried that Disney might wash the Mercs mouth out with soap but on a call with investors, Disney chairman CEO Bob Iger said that Disney will continue to make R-rated Deadpool movies after it absorbs much of Fox. So get ready for a few f-bombs dropped around the Magic Kingdom. Out of all the upcoming superhero movies, we are eagerly waiting for this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Source – movieweb

The future of the guardians of the galaxy series was up in the air after the firing of James Gunn. shortly thereafter Gunn took over as the writer and director for DC films – Suicide Squad. Disney later reinstated Gunn to develop Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Although it’s development has been delayed the sequel reportedly start production as early as 2020. The fast-track could result in the sequel releasing ahead of some of the other confirmed MCU movies. Not much is known about the plot but it’s assumed that it will follow the Guardians in their quest to find Gamora. It also seems very likely that Thor will be along for the journey based on how Endgame ended.

Venom 2

Source – YouTube

Though many doubted it and reviewers neglected it, the tom hardy led venom proved to be an unstoppable juggernaut grossing eight hundred and fifty-five million dollars at the worldwide box office and more than securing a sequel. The movie doesn’t have an official release date yet but it seems likely that venom 2 is the sequel movie that Sony has pinned in a release date for an October 2020. As a masterstroke in the first, this one is expected to break all the records of all the upcoming superhero movies.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Source – IGN

Since Steven strains introduction into the MCU his character has appeared in Thor Ragnarok infinity war and Endgame. Strange had a heavy hand in figuring out how the fan assets plan would play out. Strange proved to the ancient one that he was on the path to become the smartest sorcerer supreme. It’s possible that dr. strange too would focus on the character unlocking his full potential. Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong are expected to reprise their roles for the sequel.

Fantastic Four reboot (Most-awaited Among All The Upcoming Superhero Movies)

The Fantastic Four have always seemed uniquely suited to the lighter tone and quick dialogue of MCU. Like the x-men, the earliest we’re likely to see an actual Fantastic Four movie in the summer of 2022 and it’s more likely that this won’t happen until 2023 or beyond. Just expect Marla to be a little less cautious and shy about the return of their first family. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see the characters and concepts from both the Fantastic Four and x-men start quietly making their way into the MCU. Just because Avengers in games didn’t have a post-credit scene doesn’t mean that the tradition won’t return immediately with the next MCU movie.

The Batman

It has been a long road for Warner Brothers and DC films to get another standalone Batman movie off the ground. Originally slated to have Ben Affleck star write and direct he has since left the role and DC behind altogether. The reins of the hopeful franchise now rest in the hands of war for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves who was in the process of casting the next big-screen Batman with recent reports pointing to Robert Pattinson being the top choice. The possibility of Reese nearing his selection for his version of Bruce Wayne is the latest positive sign of movement for the Batman which is otherwise gearing up to start production later this year or early 2020. After being added in the upcoming superhero movies, this one has already started to create a lot of buzz among fans.

The Suicide Squad 2

Source – trakt

David Ayer Suicide Squad was the first Superhero movie that truly expanded the DC EU beyond the core heroes but it wasn’t the critical success that Warner Brothers or audiences expected it would be based on its impressive marketing campaign. Still, the film was an enormous commercial success, so the studio is planning on releasing a sequel Suicide Squad – 2. After guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn was fired by Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers wasted little time and recruiting him to write and direct Suicide Squad – 2. In addition to bringing his guardians of the galaxy thought process to Suicide Squad – the sequel is currently titled The Suicide Squad and it will feature an all-new cast. While Margot Robbie may reprise her role as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad. It was recently confirmed that Will Smith won’t be appearing as Deadshot due to a scheduling conflict. The Suicide Squad is aiming to begin production in September of 2019.

Black Panther 2 

Source – twitter

Following Black Panther, the character of T Challa was involved in Avengers infinity war and endgame. Now that Thanos snap has been reversed T Challa is expected to become an integral part of the MCUs future. Ryan Coogler is currently developing a sequel in which he will write and direct. 

The Flash

Source – amazon

Warner Brothers announced a San Diego comic-con 2017 that the official title of the movie will be Flashpoint (added recently in the list of upcoming superhero movies). Presumably, based on the comic book series of the same name, this convoluted storyline involves time travel in multiple versions of popular characters in the DC Universe.  While it remains to be seen how closely the movie Hugh’s to the comic book story this title suggests that fans will see darker alternate versions of characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman. Due to various delays, the flash movie is not expected to begin filming until late 2019 at the very earliest.


Source – Inverse

A batgirl movie was annulled Warner Brothers DCU slate until former Avengers director Joss Whedon talked to the studio about wanting to make that film. Whedon reportedly wanted to adapt a million-dollar debut of Batgirl but he simply couldn’t make it work so he exited the project as both writer and director of February of 2018 almost one year after signing on for the film. Warner Brothers are looking for a female director to replace Whedon Christina – the screenwriter behind Birds of Prey is also pinning the script for Batgirl.

Green Lantern Corps

Source – boundingintocomics

This will be a reboot of the Warner Brothers franchise so Ryan Reynolds is not expected to reprise this role plus he’s also busy being Deadpool for Fox. Green Lantern is rumored to make his first appearance at the end of Justice League part 2 when he warns the team that Darkseid is on his way to bring destruction to earth but the title at the reboot tells us this will be a team-up don’t feature two green Lanterns. Tyrese Gibson has been openly campaigning for one of the roles as the film will find Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart in a lethal weapon type situation.

Justice League dark

Source – amazon

One of the strangest properties that Warner Brothers is trying to get out the ground is Justice League dark. Since its addition in the list of upcoming superhero movies, fans have already gone crazy about it. Based on the comic book team of the same name that protects the world from magical and supernatural forces. Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman were both previously attached to direct the film which was one style dark universe. Justice League dark may not be getting the most attention at the but it’s something that Warner Brothers is actively trying to get made.

Gotham City sirens

Source – syfy

The Hollywood Reporter cites a rumor saying Birds of Prey will kick off a three-movie series followed immediately by the long-rumored Gotham City siren film starring Harley Quinn Catwoman and poison ivy and capped off by a third movie which will pit the two teams against each other.


Source – sideshow

There hasn’t been any update on the plan cyborg movie for a long while and it turns out there’s a good reason for that. A source claims that the cyborg film is never gonna happen at this point as the studio has zero interest right now in continuing Victor stones story on the big screen. But if it is made then it is certain that it will be our favorite among all the upcoming superhero movies.

Though you have to feel for the actor this does not fit for the wider scope of the DC franchise. Fisher was cast by director Zack Snyder for his unfolding master plan for this shared universe but now that he’s no longer the architect of the DCU anymore it stands to reason that there’s no place for Cyborg on the upcoming slate. The heroes never had much of a standalone history in the comics anyway and as Warner Brothers pursuing solo films with little to no crossovers there’s simply no role for Vick to fill in for the franchise.

Spider-man into the spider-verse 2

Source – movieweb

Shortly before into the spider-verse hit theatres, Sony Pictures confirmed plans to produce a sequel. While details are scarce into the spider-verse set up two sequels that allow for Miles Morales story to branch off in multiple directions and since the technology to make the movie has already been made developing a sequel should be more straightforward than it was the first time around. At the moment Sony Pictures animation has three release dates carved out for 2020 but that doesn’t mean spider-man into the spider-verse 2 will snag one of those dates. Regardless though and into the spider-verse sequel is very much in development.

Aquaman 2

One of the latest DC movies to be put into the development is Aquaman 2 which comes on the heels of James wands Aquaman earning more than 1 point 14 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Aquaman 2 is currently being ridden by David Leslie Johnson who co-wrote the first movie Juan will return as a producer there’s a word on if he’s directing the sequel yet. Jason Momoa one doubted returned his Arthur curry aka Aquaman and Aquaman – 2.

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