Top 5 best Amazon TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video

Top 5 best amazon prime tv shows
Top 5 best Amazon TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video

There was a time when people use to sit on Sundays and watch the movie that would show up on Doordarshan but today, things have changed. Today, the world is smartly switching to Netflix, Amazon Prime TV shows and chill. And when I speak of about the Top 5 best Amazon TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video, I intend to speak for the good and quality content available on them which you can even watch on a TV shows app.

Now since you are here, there can be two reasons, either you are an ardent user of either of the service providers or you want to what good we have to serve you among the hundreds of Amazon Prime TV shows online. Therefore, we would like to assure you that you have come to the right place because no just we have curated the list after spending hours watching the shows but also filtered them as per the taste of what people want today.

List of Top 5 best Amazon Prime TV Shows To Watch

For all those who are either from India or outside, these are some of the best Amazon TV shows that you must watch today or you will actually miss learning in life. Also, if find yourself skeptical regarding them then don’t forget to watch the trailers of these tv shows on youtube. The list of top 5 best Amazon TV shows goes like this –

Chacha Vidhayak Hai humare (a tv show comedy) –

A new entry in the list of top 5 best Amazon Prime TV shows of all times, this comedy show is created by the one and only Zakir Khan. A man or ordinary face but surprising talents, he truly has shown the millions of young Indian lads that looks don’t matter aur agar baat tab bhi na bane to koi nhi banwa denge kyunki Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare.

The last ship –

This Suspense, Action, and Drama Show is one hell of a watch among the entire list of Top 5 best Amazon TV Shows to be watched on Amazon Prime TV shows. The show revolves around investigation led by the Navy ship of U.S. Navy which goes by the name of U.S.S. Nathan James and headed by the Navy Captain Tom Chandler, played by Eric Dane. He and his crew are set the find a cure for a pandemic that has wiped billion all across the world and to stop this deadly virus, Scientist Rachel Scott must do everything in her power to prevent it from spreading further as they stand as Humanity’s last hope. Apart from everything, this is a must watch the TV show because its hows the tactics from Navy personnel and how bravely and strategically, the captain, Tom Chandler takes over all the impossible challenges.

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Lethal Weapon –

In the list of top 5 best Amazon Prime TV shows to be watched on Amazon Prime Video, this show is something which I would ask you to go first because not just this show is action-packed but also has the perfect dose of comedy as well as drama in it. The story is about two cops, Riggs and Murtaugh. One has just skipped death while the other wishes to have it every second. Like the two ends of the pole, they both become a partner on the first day bound by the duties of force. The drama that comes from both of them, the love that revolves between them and the family is the best thing to learn today.

Inside Edge –

Starring Vivek Anand Oberoi, Richa Chadha, and Sayani Gupta, this drama TV show among the top 5 best Amazon TV Shows must watch on Amazon Prime TV shows. This has episodes that show how the world of cricket can be. It can be full of sex, full of lies, full of power, full of talent and full of filth. If you are looking to watch something that has some great coming content coming from India, this is the show that you must watch in the top 5 best Amazon show list. And when you have Vivek and Richa to entertain you, acting is what that gets better.

Marvel’s Inhumans –

If you are a Marvel fan then this is something that you must watch right now. Among the many TV shows 2018, this one is about “The never-before-told” adventure of the royal family where there are Inhumans and Humans. Starring Isabelle Cornish, Mike Moh, and Ken Leung, this Drama, Action and Science Fiction TV show has some of the begraphicshic work which will leave you in awe and thinking.

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