Parmanu movie review: Failed Recreation Of A Strong Subject


Parmanu Movie is a story that tells about the happenings at the time of India becoming the member of the coveted global ‘nuclear club’ in May 1998. All those who come with the long memories will be able to recall the feeling of great triumph that was shown in the media along with the major parts of the general public at the time of nuclear device explosion in the middle of Pokharan’s sand dunes. The orchestration and execution of this highly secret project were done by those who were chosen by the then Vajpayee government, the scientific community and the military establishment. As per the expectations, there was a massive feeling of dismay and disapproval, from the US. Why, because they saw it as an embarrassing intelligence failure along with China and Pakistan.

Why should you not watch Parmanu movie?

The entire recreation of this nuclear test in the movie is no less than a cat-and-mouse thriller which is led by the ultra-patriotic civil servant Ashwat Raina (Abraham) along with his bunch of merry men and a woman (Diana Penty). Even if the film’s jockey was ignored, it’s just not easy to overlook the historical facts use like the following –

  • No mention how did the Nuclear Programme originate.
  • Also, when the movie starts, there is no mention of how it came at this stage.


The movie has a mere simple fact that it is “inspired by true events” which isn’t just enough because it was known to everyone and also the fact that there will be more masala in it to keep us entertained. Since the plot of the movie finds it hard to fit alongside the “dry fact,” comes along a frustrated lead hero who is found to be biding time after being fired for creating the nuclear explosion’s successful blueprint, by a dishonest ‘babu.’ Then he is resurrected by another bureaucrat (Irani). Although there are patriotic speeches, they have no depth and are all surface.
The film settles for a one-man leader where Raina single-handedly does it all. From creating a team to get it going, and keeping the American spies as well as the satellites at bay, he does it all. Undoubtedly, the mission was conducted in extreme secrecy, but few of the scenes n the movie will make you laugh out loud such as when you find the on-ground sole CIA agent hanging out with an ISI type, togged out in the Bermudas.

From slo-mo walking to swelled up background music, Parmanu is a movie where you will get the John Abraham and co.’s money shot. The film has a comic feel, and there is no way you can get the crucial detail or nuance.

The Parmanu movie cast includes John Abraham, Diana Penty, Boman Irani, Darshan Pandya, Yogendra Tiku, Vikas Kumar
Parmanu movie director: Abhishek Sharma

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