Apart from Story-telling, Polar is a Dick movie! Netflix, Are You Listening?

Source: Netflix

Netflix latest movie – Polar 2019 – came out on 25th January 2019.

The movie, from the first scene to its last, has the best story-telling but it fails to grab our attention. We are not saying that you shouldn’t watch it. It is good enough to be watched for its beautiful presentation, characters and all the charm the lead character has. But still, the movie is Dick move by Netflix.!

Polar Movie Characters –

The funny guy –

Source: Netflix

The hot chic of the group, Sindy –

Source: Netflix

The guy who had everyone’s back!

Source: Netflix

The guy who did nothing except driving.

Source: Netflix

The woman who acted like the leader.

Source: Netflix

It is about a man who has 14 days left in his retirement, trying to escape the death bullet by bullet. It like the old classic version of John Wick stuff. Shooting guys like they are nothing but in a Netflix style of filming.

Yeah, you heard that right, the movie isn’t just about shooting but the way it has been portrayed.

Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser

Stealth, determination, dedication and everything an assassin needs to be, Duncan Vizla is everything. He is trying to give up everything and is finally planning to give up everything and lead a normal life.

But his greedy-ass Boss, Mr. Blut wants him dead. See him here –

Source: Netflix

To get him finished, he is sent on a mission which in our opinion was as very lazy or a dick move. Why, if you ask?

Well, who the fuck sends some shitheads to kill the world’s top assassin?

Why his fat-ass Boss is going greedy is altogether a different shit story. It kind of looks like that Netflix writing team was high when they wrote this. I mean, even we could have done a better job than that (gets a spank on the head from the editor for saying that).

No boi, we are not questioning Netflix’s team but hey just tell me who invites Kapil Sharma when the public is demanding Kartik Aryan (No bad blood for Kappu).

Ahh… don’t feel like saying much about the movie except that it won’t bore you much but since Netflix creativity level has always given us high hopes. We think this time, it was a downfall.

Further, there is no question to the fact how the actors did because let me tell you though the movie rolled out cold, Mads Mikkelsen was intense, hot and completely acceptable in the role.

Source: Netflix

Also, it looks like that the movie will have a sequel to it and if it’s going the same way then we certainly don’t know where to look for good stuff to watch. Don’t ask why cuz we are not interested in telling that lame excuse!

So, overall, we can say that the movie was average, can be watched one time but Netflix you could have done a far better job. Because if you have had done it, it would have been this – Netflix Slays its again in its own John-Wick-style movie – Polar.

Even that “We have high hopes” styled movie trailer now looks bad. But anyways, you can still watch that trailer here –

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