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Considering the situation right now, you are currently in the toughest leadership test as a business leader. You do virtually co-exist everything, from maintaining collaboration, communication, trusting your organization to motivate, and inspiring people. The primary responsibility is to keep your customers in love with your products, brands, and services. The world is changing every day due to the pandemic, and keeping your customers nearest to you is very tough. Also, various other issues must be considered, like putting into practice change initiatives, getting stakeholders to buy in, and keeping your organization blooming regardless of the pandemic and the government throws at you.

The Art Of Storytelling

Stories help you inspire, motivate, connect, bind, and persuade. Human beings have been caged in the word of stories, and as per science and studies, it shows that we humans have an instinct for them. Some recent modern scientific studies have concluded that the human mind is a story processor rather than a logic processor. Stories were the means of source for early ancestors to navigate danger around them. Stories are a whole new process of evolution, and the experience is always thrilling. With time, our species have evolved and changed in the last thousand years, but one thing that sets apart the whole changing process is our love for stories and the need we have for them, and the desire we crave.

Although there are significant misconceptions and misunderstandings in people’s minds, the art of storytelling only consists of a specific limit, like stories that are emotional, big, or grand, which you read in books or when you listen to a Ted talk. But that’s where the people are wrong. Instead, stories inculcate everything, such as selling products, helping leaders inspire and connect with their teams, giving meaning to boring statistics and facts, making meetings more engaging, encouraging buyers to take action, rallying people around a common cause more than others.
Here are a few explanations like most people scan the web instead of reading a storyline byline, or many professionals tend to spend time on managing everything along with the information instead of acting on it, or blogs with videos tend to have a 3X link, which is way more than the only text blog. The biggest one of all every few seconds, various Google searches are performed, every few hours, numerous videos are uploaded, and an assortment of emails are sent.

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The point of the study, as mentioned earlier, is that people are searching for a specific thing every day and yet tend to ignore the information laid down in their footsteps or provided them with a silver spoon in their mouth.
From your leaders to your partners to each team member, all of you must join hands together to strive for your business. The art of storytelling comes into action here, and it helps you communicate and connect at a more fundamental and personal level and develops your ideas. It is a meaningful resource. And who better than anything in the world for storytelling than our Hollywood?

The Hollywood Charm

The industry makes around a billion dollars every year in the United States. The worldwide capacity is beyond the extremities. So, what is behind such devastatingly high figures? Let’s figure it out. Mainly there are two reasons that you need to lay your focus on:

The need for stories

The art of storytelling

These are the simplest of all yet so captivating. Movies capture the audience’s attention as they make them feel emotions from laughing to crying and from shrieking to yelling. We are sucked into the life of film in those few hours, and they affect us at a much higher level. Such powerful things are stories. The ones that set these movies and play it into action have some tricks rolled under their sleeves. They are well aware of the stories’ crafting process to get the much-needed attention of the audience and the anticipated reaction. Here are a few elements of storytelling from Hollywood that you can use and must use. Get inspired and involve your whole team in the process of improvising yourself, others, and your business.

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The Framework

Sit back and dwell upon all the movies you have watched. You will recognize the structure and build-up of each one of them. The framework is the first basis of storytelling and hence very critical. If you do not have a design for your story, the movie can lose track of the story and tend to get lousy, which will not have the much-needed attention of the audience. Every story known has a beginning, a middle part, and an end. All of them have a hero who faces a significant transformation as he goes on a journey. Now, the big question arises. How will you use this trick to inspire and motivate others?

Let us take an imaginary situation where you are invited to speak at the program’s industry function. You are aware of the investors that will come to this event, and your primary motto is to convince them to invest in your business. You can start a conversation with them by telling them about yourself and your company background, like how and why you started it. Make sure you engage them in the story and then take them on the journey of it all. Make sure that the story has a solid beginning, a good end, and an awe-striking ending. The main aim of storytelling is connecting with the audience and engaging them. Following this structure, you might inspire the investors to meet with you to discuss further.

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Feelings Are Important

It is human nature to be emotionally attached to people and things, which also helps in financial investment. Select any media for your audience to feel something, be it an article, blog post, newsletter, or email campaign. Just ensure that you are sending a message and building a connection with the customer and their needs and eventually their lives. Get involved.

You might want to focus more on how your features might benefit the customers rather than thinking how great they are. Let us take an example for a better understanding. Say you sell storage space. All you need to do is focus on making sure that their things are safe instead of your space’s temperature. Maneuver with little details. Pushing an individual’s emotional switch is the power of good storytelling. This might also help you increase the bar of your prices more than your other competitors as you are personally vented in your customer’s needs, and hence this will give you an upper hand.

Stop Beating Around The Bush

A movie is for a few hours, say two hours; it is the screenwriter’s art to teach everything and connect the story’s dots in such a few hours. It is essential to hook the audience and to make sure that they don’t get bored. Otherwise, their attention will switch to someplace elsewhere. You need to understand that no one likes attending long hours meetings, so it is essential to keep the meeting engaging for the people to stay. And considering the situation right now, zoom meetings are a lot boring as taken virtually. Keeping this in mind, take into consideration the doing of a Hollywood screenwriter. First, try and hook your audience. You might also have a few minutes before you start a meeting, so if the audience is sitting out there, they can mentally check out everything around.

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The key line to be underlined is keeping your audience engaged and not letting their attention shift from you. You can do this by telling a joke, making polite conversations, asking questions about their day, or sharing some good news about the organization. Each and everyone with total concentration attend something that they can hold on to and the meeting.

Communicating Understanding

Think about it. Toy Story movies are a significant hit, and it speaks to people of all ages. How is that possible? The explanation is straightforward; the movie has a powerful story in a specific way. What you need to learn from this is that all must understand your language and speech. Do not use central industry jargon in the marketing presentation. Try to make it understandable to everyone, and keep it simple that it reflects the main idea. Also, don’t try to be an expert, instead discuss and share ideas and vision.

Able To Relate

There is a significant difference between sharing information with your staff and telling them a story. All the content, data, and data might not be easily relatable for human beings. The brain is all about processing stories instead of logic. So, focus on that. Try and relate yourself to your customers and employees and help them with the same. You can do this by letting your guard down and being a human. This will happen when you share your personal stories and experiences with others and their emotions. This will make the people around you comfortable, and they will be willing to connect with you.

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Be Passionate

Making a movie is an incredibly long process. Every person, from the screenwriters to directors and producers, is involved. And each one of them is very passionate about the work they do. The whole process is often tedious and frustrating, but still, the movie comes out to be excellent. Installing passion is not something that anyone can do. It is inbuilt. But what you can work is rekindling it and remembering why you are doing this. So you might get bored or have burnout, which is normal and very difficult at the same time. It is hard building a business and working on it for years. And leading a team is very challenging as well. So it is not a surprise that certain people tend to forget why they even started a business in the first place. Keep the passion burning, and don’t forget where, how, and why you started your business.


Leaders are the ones who lead the team and be a part of the team equally. They don’t tell others what to do; instead, they inspire everyone. They focus on connecting and getting themselves involved with others instead of always thinking about sales. These are the kind of leaders that people look for and want to work with. Let’s be one. Being involved with your business continuity is a tedious and lengthy process and a very challenging one. It might get difficult for leaders to always be on the tip of their toes and making sure everything is perfect. Certain things that a business leader can do are learn certain things from our very famous Hollywood movies. The article gives six significant points on how to become an inspiring leader through Hollywood storytelling secrets. All you need to do is involve yourself at a more primary level, interact with everyone, share your personal stories, and ensure that emotions are attached. Getting everyone’s attention is very difficult when looking for the long run, but it is the most crucial part to keep going. Be the leader that inspires rather than commands.

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