India Elections 2019 Campaigns – Collection of Tested Ads

Imagine this happening in a class during the session 2049-50 –

Teacher cum Robo cum A.I.- When did the modern campaigns first came to India?

Student – During the India Elections 2019!

Teacher cum Robo cum A.I.- Correct but how?

Student – Aaahh, because this –

Yeah, that’s clearly happening!

Hell yeah, peeps! Gone are the days when we use to listen about the election campaigns in radio ads or some artist performing on a roadside. This has taken a new direction altogether.

Also, the above clearly gives the vibe of a fashion store trying to sell new clothes. Well, that actually works when you intend to attract the new-age population. But isn’t that how Flipkart tried to sell their clothes online because see this here –

Found any difference?

Comment below to tell us!

We actually felt like as if BJP hired Flipkart as their Ad making agency – Pun Intended!

By the way, the above video was from BJP that came out during the general elections of 2019 which was titted as “My first vote to the one, one and only one who has got everything done…”

But hey even INC wasn’t letting it go away like that because they came up with this –

This was simply titled as – अब होगा न्याय

This video by INC had similar vibes from the Ads by Incredible India. Watch out for these here and decide if we were correct –

But BJP didn’t stop there, they came with another one, check out here –

This was titled as – Banda Apna Sahi Hain | #NaMoAgain2019.

Well, not bragging but this clearly had this feeling –

Meanwhile, you who won the elections of 2019 but this perfectly tells that things are changing and so is India.

From like BJP to FLIPKART & GULLY BOY & from INC to INCREDIBLE INDIA, we clearly are changing. By the way, how’s 2050 treating you?

Oh, wait, we haven’t still reached there!


Have we?


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Any content shown here does not intend to compare, promote or sell anything.

Kindly, read this blog with a free intent of writer’s skills to put words together so that people in 2050 can get the reference of how things used to be back in 2019.

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