Deadpool 2 Trailer is out to watch now

Deadpool 2 Trailer
Deadpool 2 Trailer

20th Century Fox studios just unleashed the most awesome thing on earth! Yes, the second trailer of #Deadpool2 is out, and it says it all, “We are getting closer!” and “We all know the drill.” Starting from intercepting the convoy to watching out for cable, the trailer opens up about the gravity of the movie’s villain, Cable.

The movie is a clear indication that even the heroes need help because Deadpool agrees on making a super-duper fuckin group because he can’t do it alone and he needs a backup. So, to make that happen, his old buddy from the bar suggests him to get back to Linkedin. And this is where they interview starts with Bedlam to Shatterstar to Domino (with whom Deadpool ends up arguing). Also, the team has previous teammates from the project X.

The movie, Deadpool 2 which is hitting the theaters on May 18, 2018, is knitted from the studios who killed the WOLVERINE. From finding the kid to forming the team, this is where the villain tries to challenge our Poolbhai with the best mocking lines of the year –

You are no fuckin hero!

You are just a clown dressed up as a sex toy!

But Deadpool is not an amateur, he takes the shit by taking the DC universe’s side. And just then what we see is Deadpool challenging Cable with one on one blade – gun fight. But who knew that cable was a not shit-taker because he made at least 3 bullet holes in Deadpool’s body with Deadpool saying, “huhhh! Really fast”.

Finally, in the end, comes The Peter and when asked about any powers that he wishes to portray here, he just says that he has no powers, he just saw the ad! To everyone’s surprise, he is selected with a two-word confirmation from Deadpool, “You’re in!”. And in the next scene, we see Poor Peter flying in the air with a parachute on his back.

The movie is undoubtedly a power-packed phenomena, and we can’t wait for May 18, 2018. After all, this is Deadpool 2, the film everyone is waiting for since its first installment. Click on the attached link to get more news on the list of the upcoming Hollywood movies in April 2018.

But before you go anywhere, just watch the complete trailer here –


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