Crew Review: A Turbulent Flight in Comedy and Creativity

crew review
crew review

Crew Review

The 2024 Indian Hindi-language film “Crew” promised a high-flying heist comedy adventure with a star-studded cast featuring Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kriti Sanon, Diljit Dosanjh, and Kapil Sharma. Directed by Rajesh Krishnan and produced by a powerhouse team, expectations soared. However, despite its ambitions, “Crew” struggles to take off, leaving audiences grounded in a sea of unmet potential.

Humor & Tone

For a film categorized under the heist comedy genre, the essence of humor is its lifeblood. Unfortunately, “Crew” encounters turbulence here. The script, the crucial foundation on which comedic timing and delivery should soar, falls flat, failing to evoke the laughter one anticipates from such a promising ensemble. The jokes do not land as they should, and the overall tone teeters between trying too hard and not trying enough, creating an imbalance that disengages the viewer.

Character Development

The casting of Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon as air hostesses is an interesting choice, given their caliber and depth as actors. While their performances are commendable, the characters they embody do not align with their proven range and expertise. They appear overqualified for the roles they are given, and the film misses the opportunity to utilize their full potential, leaving their character arcs feeling underdeveloped and unrelatable.

Plot & Pacing

Predictability is a pitfall for many heist films, and “Crew” unfortunately succumbs to this trope. The plot unfolds with little to no surprises, making the journey more of a straight, uneventful flight rather than a thrilling ride with unexpected turns. The lack of suspense and the predictable storyline hinder the film’s ability to keep the audience engaged and invested in the outcome.

Cinematography & Production

Not all is lost in the skies, as “Crew” does boast commendable cinematography and production values. The visual style and production design are the silver linings in this clouded venture, offering a visually pleasing experience that, while not enough to carry the film, provides some solace amidst the turbulence.

Comparison & Expectations

When placed side by side with films like “Tower Heist,” a comparison the film evokes due to its genre, “Crew” struggles to match up. The clever plotting, engaging pacing, and effective humor that characterize successful heist comedies are areas where “Crew” could have drawn inspiration but falls short. The film’s lack of creativity and fresh ideas makes it a less preferable choice for those seeking a blend of comedy and thrills.


The talent of the cast is undeniable, and their performances are solid, yet the roles they are given do not challenge their capabilities or showcase their depth. Watching acclaimed actors navigate roles that do not stretch their talents is a disservice to their skills and the audience’s expectations. The film does not leverage the strong acting prowess it has at its disposal, leading to a sense of what could have been.

In the grand scheme of cinematic flights, “Crew” is a journey that promises much but delivers little beyond aesthetic appeal. While the cast does its best with the material provided, the film’s inability to fully engage its audience in laughter or suspense makes it a flight that many might wish to miss. As we look to the skies for future filmic adventures, one hopes that the lessons from “Crew” will guide filmmakers to craft experiences that soar rather than stall.

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