Captain Marvel look revealed by Nick Fury, Check It Inside!

The still not revealed superhero from the Marvel universe, Captain Marvel was outfitted with a helmet when she was given a new look. Since then she has worn the helmet at irregular intervals. However, it has become a regular thing for her actions in the outer space; ergo, it makes sense that the studio might give her the same look or helmet in the upcoming Marvel movie 2019. None of its signs were shown until a leaked promo art was revealed or you can say leaked unintentionally by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson.

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Check the art below in a pic taken and posted by the actor on Instagram. The actor is seen in a t-shirt that has a photo of Captain Marvel. We are confident enough that the t-shirt was given to him by the visual effect team of Captain Marvel. The picture features a shot of the hero who is seen wearing a helmet and rocking a mohawk. While the picture flaunts her 90s hairstyle, it is entirely acceptable that the same can get changed in the outer space, although, the haircut from the 90s are no less than fresh.

There is also a possibility that this can be a random piece of artwork and there are chances that she may not be wearing any helmet at the time of Kree/ Skrull war. Any suggestions guys? If you have, be a sport and comment your suggestions here in the comment box.

Meanwhile check the leaked Captain Marvel artwork here –


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