These Best Zombie Movies Are Epic Night Treats!

Undoubtedly, one of the most spine-chilling, frightening, and entertaining plots among the best zombie movies lies with the thrilling Zombies. Frequently, the directors come up with adrenaline-rushing plots that depict how a Zombie Apocalypse could be the most dangerous and existential crisis yet to be faced by the people on earth.  

Best Zombie Movies

Brain-eating Zombies sometimes even leave the deadliest and nastiest ghosts behind in scaring the audience to the core. Hence, we have made the list of the top 11 best Zombie movies you can watch on Netflix right away!



Cargo’s creepy and spine-chilling setting is established in the remote and arid areas of Australiaspopulalry known as Outback. The plot revolves around Andy Rose (Martin Freeman), his wife Kay (Susie Porter), and their infant daughter Rosie. The family is supposed to travel down the zombie invaded Outback without getting their brains, becoming a treat for the nasty zombie creatures.

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Also, the story encounters another female character Thoomi (Simone Landers), whose father is already infected. She is shown attempting to conceal his father from the community, who is about to take down the entire zombie force. One of the most pleasing aspects that contributes to remarkable cinematography is the setting of the Australian Outback itself. The theme is both appealing and intriguing.  

Army of the Dead


Zack Snyder has been infamously known for creating gems such as 300, Watchmen, Justice League, and of course, Dawn of the Dead. Although Army of the Dead is not officially declared as the sequel to Dawn of the Dead. Yet, it can be said that the horror, nerve-wracking thrill has been kicked up a notch in the latest movie.

The plot progresses in a setting where Las Vegas has been shown ruined after a Zombie Outbreak and completely isolated from the rest of the world. Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a big name from the previous Zombie War, is approached by a casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada). Bly comes with an adventurous deal of recovering $200 million from a zombie-infested quarantine zone that is about to get knocked by the government through nuclear weapons.

The movie is filled with adrenaline-rushing sequences where the mercenary group is torn apart; aircraft are displayed exploding against skyscrapers; zombie animals are shown attacking the mercenaries and disrupting the heist. The Zack Snyder movie is packed with action, thrill, horror, and utter entertainment.  



Right off the bat, one of the most relatable movies in the pandemic era is #alive. It perfectly captures the struggles of home isolation faced by the entire population of the world in 2020. Cho II-hyung’s #Alive is centered around the protagonist Oh Joon-wo who is stuck within the interior of his apartment. In contrast, a deadly infection creates chaos in the outside surroundings. The video game streamer decides to stay inside and live out the infection period. Still, the depleting daily supplies and his desire for protection make the decision a challenging battle to conquer.

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Gradually he gains contact with an intriguing female, Kim Yoo-bin (Park Shin-Hye), who somehow helps him survive through the wreaking havoc. Both Yoo and Joon have played their parts marvelously to depict the emotional and physical disturbances in the era of an unpredictable future. II Cho has made the most of its directing by shooting specific drone sequences where the thrilling horror raises goosebumps.

Ladronas de Almas


The movie is a Spanish horror thriller directed by Juan Antonio de la Riva’s depicting the war between the insurgents and the royalist Spanish army. The insurgents encounter a hacienda that possesses an immense treasure within. It is owned by a physically disabled individual named Agustín Cordero (Ricardo Dalmacci), who is stuck in his wheelchair.

Considering his daughters Maria (Sofía Sisniega), Roberta (Natasha Dupeyrón), Camila (Ana Sofía Durán), and a Haitian servant Indalesio (Harding Junior) as the rivals, the insurgents are sure of their victory to conquer the treasure. But they are unaware of the dead army that these women lead. Hence, the destructive battle commences against the deadly soulless creatures where the ultimate aim would be survival rather than a treasure.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North


Kindom is among one of the Netflix Originals set in the Korean Culture. It is among some of the top contributions of the zombie entertainment industry to be released for the people. The thrilling horror TV series revolves around crown prince Lee Chang (Ju Hi-hoon). He begins the inspection of a devastating plague spreading around his kingdom. To protect the people of his country, the prince must take down the new and dangerous breed of evils.

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Ashin of the North is a spin-off from the Kingdom series based on the mysterious female character Ashin (Jun Ji-Hyun) that Lee introduces at the Kingdom series. She is depicted to discover a flower that revives dead people. Because Ashin endures and survives the tragic slaughter of her entire family, she begins the adventure of vengeance for the complete transformation of the country.

Resident Evil: Extinction


Extinction is the third installment of the Resident Evil series. Our protagonist Alice has decided to flee the post-apocalyptic US and settle in the protection of Alaska. However, the antagonist Dr. Isaacs has different plans. He attacks Alice near Las Vegas by initiating a Zombie Apocalypse there.

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Alice is provoked to strike back at the Umbrella Corporation as she decides to battle the zombie dogs and crows in addition to the mutated dead army. Credits to director Rusell Mulachy for letting the audience witness the previous technical grandness and mind-blowing visual aesthetics. Going out of the normal, Anderson has kept Extinction more expansive than other creations of his.



ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated dark horror comedy film released around Halloween as a treat for the audience. The Laika production has established its setting within the town of Blithe Hollow and centered on the young boy Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit Mc Phee). Instead of shying away from them, he befriended his late grandmother (Elaine Stritch) and other friendly ghosts. However, due to a curse by the witch, the dead people are awakened, and Blithe Hollow is terrorized. The responsibility to save the population lands on Norman, his friends, and his sister (voiced by Anna Kendrick).

Resident Evil: Afterlife


The plot progress in a world where a ravaging virus is converting the population into the undead. The Afterlife installment of Resident Evil efficiently carries on the tradition of an excellent old chase. It sets Alice (Milla Jovovich) to become a savior for all the survivors. The revolt against the umbrella corporation is leveled up in difficulty while Alice reunites with an old acquaintance. This acquaintance takes Alice and the survivors to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles with a promise of safety. However, the effort turns out to be a step further inside a trap. The action sequences of Afterlife are far more intriguing and thrilling with a rich cinematic experience and impressive visual effects. Also, we finally get to see Alice confront the head of Umbrella Corporation, Alber Wesker.

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Nominated for plenty of awards, Ravenous is a french language Canadian Horror film directed by Robin Aubert. The movie is set within a small, remote area of upstate Quebec, where a flesh-eating plague wreaks havoc and terrorizes the population to the core. The plague tears apart a resident’s body and causes them to run after their dear ones. However, as usual, the survivors are seen escaping towards the woods of the countryside. Initially, the plot witnessed characters battling on their own. Still, they happen to meet in the woods and form an alliance with a courageous leader later on.

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