Animation Movie Lovers! You Won’t Believe Who Is Getting Smarter In Real?

Apart from eight arms and three hearts, a cephalopod has also got a plan, making the scientists wonder what makes him so intelligent. Demonstrating the smartness of how smart the octopus can be all fingers of Piero Amodio points towards a video on YouTube. The video shows the octopus putting together two halves of a coconut shell and disappear in it. Further, it is also seen that the animal is stacking the shells together so that it can use them as the nesting bowls and even use them as the carts.

According to Mr. Amodio, “It suggests the octopus is carrying these tools around because it has some understanding they may be useful in the future.” Mr. Amodio is a graduate student from the University of Cambridge in Britain who is studying animal intelligence.

This amazement is coupled with puzzlement.

For past many years, the researchers have found out that animals evolve to become intelligent and among those animals (apes, dolphins, elephants), there are even some birds, such as crows and parrots.

All of the scientific theories seem to fail when we talk about cephalopods – a group comprising of octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. Apart from the feats of creativity, the hallmarks of intelligence are also absent which is often seen in other species.

Mr. Amodio further adds, “It’s an apparent paradox that’s been largely overlooked in the past.” In a recently published paper of the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, he explored this paradox along with five other experts on animal intelligence.

Remember the animal intelligence seen in Hollywood Animation movies!

The behavior of cephalopods suggests a higher level of intelligence by them. For instance, when Inky the octopus, made a very notorious escape by exiting his enclosure from the National Aquarium of New Zealand and slithering into a floor drain to finally meet the sea again.

Watch here to find out –

Eyespots are being formed by cuttlefish to scare off the predators. These spots are created on their body by them which make them look like a giant fish. Such a move is only caused by them against those predators who they know rely on vision to find prey. But if there comes a predator who hunts using smell, then the cuttlefish smartly walks out of the sights.

Also, the octopuses display similar flexibility when they are brought inside the labs by the scientists. The researchers at Hebrew University, during a study, presented the octopuses with an L-shaped box with food inside. Surprisingly, the animals figured out the way to push and pulled the mouthful food in the wall of their tank through a tiny hole.

Animation movie lovers

So I guess, you will go straight away to watch Dory now!

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