10 Animated Movies For Children That Are Rated Highest According to IMDb

Animated Movies For Children
Animated Movies For Children

Children are visual thinkers. Unlike adults, they learn more things virtually, than through reality. Animated movies are the best way to tangle with the vivid imagination of a child. It’s like filling colors into their imagination, here are some of the best-rated children’s movies of all time.

10 Animated Movies For Children

The Lion King (1994)

IMDb Rating – 8.5 

Image Credit – Medium

This is one of those iconic movies that introduced us to mixed emotions. From crying after Mufasa’s death to wishing to have a friendship like  Timon and Pumba’s, we all grew up.

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IMDb Rating – 8.4

Image Credit – What’s On Disney Plus

What a better way than to combine music and animation to convey a message. Pixar and Disney’s Coco is all about an aspiring singer Miguel whose family doesn’t allow him to play music. This movie is a beautiful portrayal of Miguel’s musical journey that teaches us the importance of having dreams.

Wall – E

IMDb Rating – 8.4

Image Credit – Original Poster

With the current climate situation, this is a must-watch. With the story of a waste-collecting robot who tries to save mankind, this movie is an alarm to all of us about our future environment.

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Toy story

IMDb Rating – 8.3

Image Credit – AllPosters.com

Admit it, after watching this movie we all thought that our toys came into life once we left. This was the beginning of an era. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of Andy’s toys gave us a new outlook towards toys. With a detailed outlook of the toy world, it’s every child’s dream come true.


IMDb Rating – 8.2

Image Credit – My Hot Posters

Revolving around the love story of an old man Carl Fredricksen, and the story of a boy named Russel who lands at Carl’s place that is equipped with balloons, this movie is a roller coaster ride through emotions, and definitely makes you weep towards the end. It’s a wholesome story of life.

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Inside Out

IMDb Rating – 8.1

Image Credit – Webneel.com

With everything that could possibly be animated, this movie showcases our emotions as characters. The story of a young girl Riley who moves to a new city and how her emotions take a turn during this. Probably one of the deepest animated Stories ever.

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Finding Nemo

IMDb Rating – 8.1

Image Credit – Disney Plus

The journey of a father who goes out in search of his lost son and how he makes friends during this expedition. Apart from Dory being our favorite, this movie is a simple portrayal of how parents go out of their way for their children.

Beauty and the Beast

IMDb Rating – 8

Image Credit -Cartoons Wallpapers

Many versions of this story may come and go but the classic is yet our favorite. The story of Belle stuck in a palace teaches us how love can transform anyone.

Toy story 2

IMDb Rating – 7.9

Image Credit – Past Posters

What happens after Woody and Buzz lightyear’s friendship? What is the next expedition in the life of our very favorite Woody? Well, this movie is the answer to all your questions.

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E.T. the Extra terrestrial

IMDb Rating – 7.9

Image Credit – Paramount Theatre

The story of a friendly alien who lands on earth is nothing less than a Hollywood version of our very own ‘ koi mil Gaya ‘. 

While animated movies are often stereotyped as child movies, they are way beyond that. They are fabulous stories that get us through some of the hardest days in our lives. On a long bad day, all we need is to go back to these old classics and revisit our childhood memories that are heartwarming. Sometimes animations teach way beyond imagination and emotions.

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