Check the Tweets After Amazon India Delivers Iron Piece to Sonakshi Sinha

Amazon, a trillion dollar company, has been ruling the online shopping since way long. The company has at times been a proud moment holder of delivering some of the best quality products to customers at exciting price. That’s cool!

But, wait! Would you believe us that a company with such a reputation will deliver a junk instead of a product such as Bose Headphones? Yes, you will in case of an ordinary buyer. But this time, Amazon showed his unbiased nature and went ahead to deliver an iron piece to a celebrity.

That’s so Indian! The victim here was none other than Sonakshi Sinha.

What happened?

Like everyone else, Sonakshi too opted for online shopping – a mode mostly preferred by celebrities. Now, she ordered Bose headphones but what came in the delivery is something that shocked here in literal terms – a piece of iron.

Now, had this been a common man/ woman, it wouldn’t have made its place to google search trends but when it’s a celebrity, things always start to dance everywhere.

The same happened on, and the user went on record to pull the leg of Amazon. Here watch some of the most amazing tweets by Twitteratis.

All this started when the Dabangg debutant posted a pic on her Twitter account showing the blunder made by Amazon India.

The twitter post shows the ordeal narrated by the actress seeking help from Amazon’s customer care.

Although, a formal reply was received from Amazon end but the series of tweets here is worth looking.

Soon after the post, the post by Sonakshi Sinha went viral with some who sympathized with the actress while others took a jibe at the situation. A few others even blamed the online shopping portal for the blunder. Still, checking these tweets are worth!


People even made a comment on Sonakshi’s nails –

Incredible ka to pata nhi magar ye amazing jarur hai India!

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