AK vs AK Review: The Only Fight You Will Enjoy Watching

AK vs AK Review
AK vs AK Review

AK vs AK Review

Everyone always loves unexpected content, but when it comes from Bollywood, the excitement becomes the next level. Not that we don’t have some of the best content in Indian cinema, but you know the ratio between good and bad content in the Bollywood industry.

So banging the good side of this ratio scale, the Indian audience just witnessed another classic from the lot – AK vs. AK. Released on Netflix and starring the Jhakkasss actor Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, the creator of Gangs of Wasseypur, AK vs AK has come out as a story that has been told never before.

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In terms of character built up, execution of the story, and dialogue delivery, this Netflix movie puts the standard of Indian cinema on a completely different level. How? Let’s find out!

What makes the AK vs AK fight unforgettable?

Indians have always been in awe of the lifestyle the celebs live and how they are in their real life. Hence, when you see two real celebs live it on screen, you will love it. Not that it’s happening for the first time, but the way it goes, I can bet that you won’t leave your seat until it ends.

As suggested by the movie title, the fight is between an actor and a director. The only difference here is that the actor is a Kapoor while the director has risen from the flames of struggle. And when the latter makes fun of the former, a plan takes its shape because who doesn’t love it when a plan comes together. Thus, making the outcome an unforgettable experience.

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How real is this fight between AK & AK?

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the top, this fight shouts an unnegotiable nine. When Anurag tells Anil that he has kidnapped his daughter, everything from emotions to dialogues comes out like this is happening in real-time. However, it does not stop here because Anil Kapoor’s process of truly believing that his daughter has been kidnapped in real becomes the talking point.

It’s only after the half time that you will realize the plot has taken the most unexpected turn. With no intentions to disclose anything critical from the movie, I would certainly point out this one thing –

The moment you will think that movie may not be as good as it seems, it will smack you with the most unexpected surprise.

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What’s the unique thing about AK vs AK?

It is the behavior of everyone else in the movie. The director of AK vs AK has ensured that reactions of common people get captured in their raw form. Be it a one-to-one interaction or a group one; everything tells how unexpectedly people can react.

To keep things going, Anil Kapoor and his family have done a commendable job. In one instance where Boney Kapoor is scolding the cameraman, you will find the gravity.

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One more thing that I would like to mention here – the dialogues in the movie have been written so that many big names in the industry will be roasted. As sharp as a blade, each punch will come at the right time and in the right amount, thus, giving you enough time to enjoy all of them.

Is there anything that you may not like?

I guess not, but then again, the existence of perfections seems unreal. The first thing that you might not like here is why this movie didn’t come out on a 70 mm screen.

The next thing is a bit sad because AK vs AK isn’t a film you will want to watch twice. Although some might disagree, in my timeline, this Netflix movie is only a one time watch. Why sad? Because I wanted to see it again but I won’t!!

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