Hollywood Has Already Done What Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar Are Doing In 2.0


Pairing for the first time, Actors Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar are coming together in the sequel of 2010 released movie Enthiran – 2.0. The movie is releasing this Friday and as per the reports, the movie is the most expensive film in the country.

The budget of the movie is estimated at a whopping cost of Rs. 550 crore which is beyond the imagination. The CGI and special effects of 2.0 movie are stellar and promising as it will introduce the bigger and better things of the industry to its audience in terms of production quality. Although the budget of the movie is the talk of the town, there is still a long way to go and match the efforts put in by the Hollywood big-budget blockbusters.

There is no doubt in the fact that the budget of Hollywood, which goes several hundred million dollars, the production quality is still a matter of envy. Also, we have seen in the past that Indian Bollywood movie take inspiration from the movies that are released in the west. Same is the case with 2.0 movie. Since the release of the teaser and trailer, many similarities have been spotted with the Hollywood movies. Few of the scenes, we believe, are similar to the following five movies and TV shows:

  1. Moving cellphones

In the movie 2.0 trailer and teaser, we saw Akshay Kumar’s villain, Dr Richard as a collection of mobile phones. The phones are seen coming together to form an army of soldiers or him. This has already been shown in Disney’s animated movie, Big Hero 6 in microbots technology. In that movie, the villain could be seen controlling tiny black electronic nuggets which then can form any shape and do anything as per his command.





Big Hero 6:


  1. The mechanical bird

The large eagle that looked magnificent in the trailer took us to the Steampunk-like bird from Alejandro G Iñárritu’s Oscar-winning film, Birdman. Both of them look massive and carried the same mechanical quality.



  1. The evil shadow

The 2.0 movie trailer clearly showed the sinister shadow of the bird that covered the city to spell doom for its people. The same kind of foreboding could be seen in the teaser of Game of Thrones season 7 when the Dragon flies all over King’s Landing.


Game of Thrones:

  1. The terrifying view

In another scene, you can see the bird swooping into the city while people are getting terrified. This same scene was shown in 2014 movie – Godzilla where the giant monster is seen terrorizing people.



  1. The helpful robot

Remember R2D2 and BB8 from Star Wars! The Coke-vending robot in the trailer of 2.0 reminds us of the same.


Star Wars:

  1. The feathery villain

The dark feathers, sharp face and massive wings of Dr. Richard yet again a remind us of Michael Keaton’s Birdman.



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