18 Amazing Minions Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About


Minions are dumb. They’re puerile. In any case, more essentially, they’re useful, faithful, and versatile. Also, their undying eagerness, similar to that of a little youngster, makes these minute whelps significantly progressively delightful! Be that as it may, there’s a whole other world to followers than just madassery. Of course, in case you’re an obstinate minionian, you’d know!

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Minions that have sprout-cut hair are generally the taller ones.

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Minions who are one-eyed are usually short.

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Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian combine to form Minionese.

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In Despicable Me 2, they have aligned teeth while in Despicable Me, their teeth are slightly crooked.

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They have an uncanny likeness to Japanese ongoing interaction Mega Man Legend’s Servbots – both are yellow, wearing blue, and serve a malevolent ace.

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They have an identity like Raving Rabbids from the Rabbids game series.

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In the simulator ride ‘Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem’, Gru has a firearm which can transform humans into minions. But that’s not how minions came into existence.

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The evil minions were made purple on purpose. The wheel of color, this color is exactly opposite to yellow.

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As per the directors, the minions were made to make the crowd increasingly thoughtful towards Gru.

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Originally, they weren’t supposed to be small or cute. There were supposed to be the army of orc-like creatures.

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Looney Tunes inspired the evil minions. See the 1960’s ‘Hyde and Go Tweet’ cartoon where Tweety gets turned into evil after consuming Dr. Jekyll’s potion.

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Only 48 combinations can distinguish the 10,400 minions. This includes all combinations – the hairstyles, glasses, the height etc.

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Sprout, combed, spread out, tall buzz-cut, short buzz-cut, and bald are the only 5 types of natural hairstyles that a minion can have.

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Do you know?

They can double up like glow sticks in the dark.

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Nobody knows if they have sex or not and how they reproduce.

They can survive without air and resist freezing.

Each minion with a significant role in the film has a male name.

Oddly enough, minions love spitting.

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